12 Things You May Not Know About Me

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This Fun Sized’s Friday Feels post is going to look a bit different. Instead of focusing on products, recipes, and trends, I’m going share a fun spring look where every piece is under $100. But better yet, I’m also opening up and sharing 12 things about me you may not know. You may have seen some of your favorite bloggers taking this challenge and/or challenging others to do the same. My friend Anna from Fleurdille shared her 12 things a couple of weeks ago, and challenged me to do the same with you! So let’s see how well you know me…

1. I have never been to New York.  Yep, it’s true, which is shocking to most people because of how much I love to travel. Actually, Parker has never been either.  Since we’ve been married, we have planned two trips to NYC that we’ve had to cancel. I’m crossing my fingers to make it out to the Big Apple in the fall.

2. I don’t eat Whataburger. I know this is blasphemy in Texas, but I have PTSD from eating it at 3 A.M. every night my first semester of college and gaining the freshmen 15. And if you don’t believe me, ask my mom or best friend, MK. They’ll confirm it.

3. I will openly tell any college student NOT to major in Education. This is not because I don’t believe in or support the teaching profession. If you know me, you know I believe teaching is one of the most important jobs out there . But what I have realized is that majoring in Education is very limiting if down the road you should come to a crossroads about your career. It’s really easy to get a teaching certification. I’ve had several friends major in Accounting, Finance, Communications, etc. who are now teaching.

4. So far, I have been in 12 wedding parties. That may be 12 things about me you didn’t know in itself haha. I’ve been in the house party 5 times and a bridesmaid 7 times. And guess what? I’ve never re-worn a dress. Shocking, I know.

5. I’ve never been on a date with someone I didn’t know. It’s true- my dating history is very boring. Both “first” dates I’ve been on were with guys who I was friends with before. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until junior year of high school, and from then on, I was either in a long-term relationship or completely single and uninterested in dating.

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6. I am not a “salad” girl. I will never order a salad for my entree at a restaurant. I wish so badly that I loved them, but it’s forced. The only salad I actually crave is the Three Cheese Salad at Fireside Pies because it’s basically ranch dressing and cheese with a pop of green lettuce. #healthy

7. I am the closest to Jesus that I’ve ever been in my life. These last 8 months have been probably the toughest of my life, but I can truly say I have also never grown more in my faith. I recently just started the “Finding I Am” study of John. You will probably be seeing it in my Friday Feel’s soon, but I encourage you to join me!

8. My dream job is to blog full time. I’ve absolutely loved the blogging journey. Confession: It’s much harder than it looks! I used to think that it was all latte pictures and free clothes. WRONG! But I would love to grow Fun Sized Erin so that it could be a sustainable career when we have children. If you don’t already, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

9. Parker and I aren’t high school sweethearts, but we did go to high school together. We actually were both dating other people in high school, and didn’t start dating until the end of our freshmen year of college.

10. In the next 5 years, I hope to write a book. I’ve probably been the only English major in the history of the world who has never had the dream of writing a book. But for the first time this year, I have the “writer’s itch”. I’m hoping to start this summer, but would love to take a class or something for beginning writers. Any ideas?

12 things about me, dallas lifestyle blogger, fringe sandals, Sam Edelman sandals, DSW sandals, sandals under 50, white jeans under 100

11. I’m currently binge watching QUANTICO. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. It possesses the best qualities of some of my favorite shows: the love triangles of Grey’s Anatomy, the bad ass girl power of Olivia Pope in Scandal, and the dark and twisty-ness of Criminal Minds.

12. If I wasn’t married, I would audition to be on The Bachelor. Not because I think I would be the exception to the rule who actually finds true love, but more so because I would get to travel and basically relive my sorority years. Sounds like a dream.

Which of these 12 things about me surprised you the most? Comment below!

Cheers, Erin


  1. Julianne April 28, 2017 / 22:55

    Amen to #6 & #12!!!!!

    • Erin
      June 2, 2017 / 00:35

      Haha this is why we are friends 🙂

  2. lizzybohanan May 26, 2017 / 01:58

    YES to writing, I recommend a creative writing class to start. Even though it doesn’t revolve around novel writing, it sets you in the best direction to be able to get yourself there!

    • Erin
      June 2, 2017 / 00:35

      Thank you so much! Do you have any that you would specifically recommend??

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