15 Newborn Must Haves

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Ever since having Emmy, I have been asked by so many soon-to-be moms what have been my favorite newborn must haves. I drafted this email that has probably gotten forwarded to more people than I can count, so I decided that it probably made more sense for me to just turn it into a blog post!

As a first time mom, you register for so many things because you have no idea what you will actually need. There were some products that I was so excited about but Emmy absolutely hated them.  Then there were some things (see wipe warmer below) that I refused to register for, but ended up sending my mom out to purchase on our 2nd day home from the hospital because Emmy would scream bloody murder every time a cold wipe touched her little booty haha. Keep in mind that every baby is different, and what works for one may not work for another.

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1. Rock N’ Play : Oh my gosh, this was our LIFESAVER and has been my #1 baby product recommendation! Emmy lived in this thing her first month of life. This is what she would sleep in at night next to our bed because she HATED the bassinet.  She would literally scream until we took her out of it. Also, go ahead and spend the extra $20 to get the one that automatically rocks. This literally saved us in those first few weeks!

2. Doona Carseat and Base : RETURN WHATEVER CARSEAT YOU BOUGHT AND BUY THIS! JK… okay not really. It is worth every penny.  It makes life so easy because running errands is not a pain in the booty. I honestly would be a spokesperson for Doona if they asked me to haha. Full disclosure: We also purchased the UppaBaby because that’s what we use on walks for rougher terrain.  The Doona is what we use for the day to day errands.

3. Mam Pacifiers : So many moms had recommended this brand to me during the newborn stage because it is the most like a real nipple! (This is the same brand Emmy still uses at 8 months – just the older baby version.)

4. Keekaroo Peanut Changer : Everyone says that boy babies are the ones peeing everywhere when you change their diaper.  WRONG. Emmy literally peed or pooped during a diaper change at least once a day in those first few months. If I had purchased a cloth changing pad cover, I’d be washing it EVERY SINGLE DAY.  With this, you just wipe the mess off. It’s so much easier and so much more sanitary in my opinion. I believe it is totally worth the money, and it will last for multiple babies.

5. Wipe Warmer : Ugh, this is the product I swore I’d never buy.  I didn’t even register for it, but ended up having my mom go buy one during our first week at home.  Emmy hated having her diaper changed and hated being cold. So I caved, and it really made a difference.  Jokes on me!

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6. Tommy Tippe Anti Colic bottles : I know that you are probably planning on breastfeeding, but truthfully, you never know how that will turn out.  Your baby may not latch well, you may not produce enough milk, it may be too painful, etc. This brand is what the lactation consultant at my pediatrician’s office recommends because they are most like a real breast/nipple.  We bought the anti colic ones because we feel like they helped reduce gas. I would just recommend having bottles on hand (don’t open them or anything) and a thing of formula just in case! You would rather be prepared than have to frantically send your husband to the store.  I have had an interesting experience with breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, etc., so feel free to reach out to me with questions!

7.  Boppy Nursing Pillow and Lounger : The nursing pillow is a must- I don’t feel like I need to explain why.  However, I wish we had purchased the Lounger from day 1. My mom had bought one to keep at her house but ended up bringing it over to us week 3, and she loved it!

8.  Baby Shusher : When Parker and I first tested this out before Emmy, we thought it was the most unappealing sound ever.  We were like how would this help anyone sleep?! But during the middle of the night during one of our first nights at home, we were desperately trying ANYTHING to get her to sleep.  So we pulled this out, and BOOM. It was magic! We turn it on every time she naps/goes down in her crib, and it is really easy to throw in a diaper bag!

9. Burp cloths : This is by far our favorite burp cloth because it’s big and absorbs well.  I also like the Burt’s Bees Brand. 

10. Kickee Pants & Kissy Kissy : These are our favorite “nice” brand of clothes because the material is so soft and the Kissy Kissy gowns are just so dang easy when you are changing 12 diapers a day. But to be honest, we LOVE having her sleep in the Gerber’s and Carter’s zip up footie pajamas.  They are so easy and so inexpensive! It is inevitable they will eventually blow out a diaper and ruin some outfits.

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11. SwaddleMe : There are about 1000 different swaddles that you can try, and I would suggest maybe buying one of each.  From what I’ve heard, preference varies greatly from baby to baby. 

12. Gripe Water : We used the night time one and gave it to her at her evening feeds.  Our pediatrician said there isn’t a lot of research as to its true effectiveness, but several moms have sworn by it! It may be coincidence, but it seemed to work for Emmy. We put it in one of the bottle nipples and let her suck it out. 

13. Gas Drops : Pretty much the same thing with gripe water.  We actually gave this to her after most of her feedings, especially if she seemed to be fussy/legs are moving a lot.

14. Binxy Baby: One of my biggest regrets is not using this product earlier.  I was so intimidated to go to the grocery store with a baby for the longest time.  How do I manage a carrier and a stroller? If I put the carrier inside the stroller, then there is no room for groceries. If I try to push the Doona and a shopping cart at the same time… (okay you can imagine how that would go haha). But one day I decided to give it a try, and voila! Easy as pie, and momma finally got a little piece of normalcy back.  The Binxy Baby just clips on to each side of the cart, and you can buckle your baby in for added safety. Emmy slept majority of the time in it. I literally would get stopped at least once every grocery run by a woman asking me what was this amazing (and adorable) contraption I was using and where could she buy one! Thank you to Binxy Baby for gifting us this amazing product. Click on this link for 10% off your Binxy Baby!

15. DockATotWe absolutely LOVE the DockATot! I write all about why we love it in this post about how we sleep trained Emmy. Thank you DockATot for gifting Emmy your product- it’s a favorite!

Please comment below and let everyone know what your favorite products are!



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