6 Weeks with Emmy

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First of all, thank you so much for all of your texts and messages checking in on Miss Emmy.  I have been working on a 6 weeks update blog post to share all our newborn pictures, so I figured it would be easier just to explain everything here.

Long story short, Emmy was breach the majority of my pregnancy.  She literally was flipping back and forth each week in my third trimester.  Even my OBGYN commented on how bizarre it was because babies usually don’t move after about 35 weeks. We literally had a c-section scheduled up until the moment we were checked in to be induced. The OBGYN who delivered me literally said that Emmy was still trying to rotate on her way out- like what the heck sister!  If her attitude in the womb is any indicator of her childhood and teenage years, then Parker and I are in for it 🙂

All that to say, breach babies can sometimes develop hip dysplasia due to their positioning in the womb.  At Emmy’s two week check-up, our pediatrician noticed some clicking in her hips, which can be one of the physical symptoms.  Lots of times, hip dysplasia isn’t diagnosed until a child starts trying to walk and bear actual weight on the joints. But the earlier it’s diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. So she referred us to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children to have an ultrasound on her hips at 6 weeks of age.

We are praising the Lord today because the orthopedic reassured us that EMMY IS COMPLETELY HEALTHY, and there is no need for any follow ups at this time! So thank you for all of your concerns and prayers.  We have believed that Emmy is a miracle from day one, and the Lord keeps using her to teach us to trust him and his goodness.  Now for the fun stuff!

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Newborn Pictures

Parker and I had our newborn pictures taking when Emmy was just a week and a half old.  We wanted to make sure she still looked itty bitty and hopefully somewhat newborn sleepy (even though she was awake majority of the time haha).  One of the sweetest things I want to point out about our pictures is that the pink Fedlman’s dress that Emmy is wearing is one of my dresses that I wore as a baby! I am so grateful that my mom saved so much of my stuff that I can now pass on to my mini me 🙂

Confession: I actually went to the Dry Bar and had my makeup done before our pictures, and it was the best decision I ever made! One of my friends had told me that her biggest regret was trying to get herself ready.  You are tired, don’t feel pretty, and are still recovering from delivery. My husband let me escape for 2 hours and treat myself.  I got to be pampered, sip champagne (for the first time in like a year!), and have some quiet moments to myself.


Our girl is GROWING FAST! Babies are typically supposed to gain between 0.5-1.0 ounces per day. Emmy is averaging about an 1.25 ounces per day haha! She is currently 22.5 inches long and weighing 9 pounds, 2 ounces (she was 6 pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches at birth).  It’s crazy to think how much she has grown in just a few weeks. She is getting some rolls and chipmunk cheeks, and we just can’t get enough of them!


While Parker and I are still completely exhausted, we are so relieved that she is finally sleeping for 4-6 hour stretches at night at 4 weeks old! Ya’ll, I never thought that 4 hours of sleep could be such a game-changer, and I’m more convinced than ever that the Lord amplifies the “rest” of newborn parents! I am working on a post specifically dedicated to her schedule and sleep patterns, so I’ll comment more on that later.


The nurses commented on her alertness from her first moments in this world.  I’ve had so many people say that she doesn’t look like a typical newborn because her eyes have always been so awake and focused. She will give us little coos and smiles here and there, but they are totally coincidental.  We are really excited for her to actually begin recognizing us and smiling and interacting with us!

At 5 weeks, we pulled out her play mat and have really started working on structure tummy time- not just laying on our chests. She has a really strong neck and is always trying to look around the room when we burp her.  But it’s hilarious because majority of the time we put her on her stomach, she falls asleep almost immediately.  Apparently our girl is going to be a stomach sleeper!

Also, she LOVES her pacifier! We had a feeling from the very beginning that she was going to be a paci sucker because she constantly was trying to put her hands in her mouth.  Our pediatrician advised us not to give her a pacifier until at least 2 weeks to guarantee she had met her birthweight.  Confession: we gave one to her after about one week out of desperation. Best decision we ever made.  Sometimes you just have to trust your mom instincts 🙂

Favorite Moments

Hands down, my favorite time of day is bath time.  Parker and I give her a bath every night together, and she absolutely loves it!  We do have to keep the shower running the entire time to make it like a sauna because girlfriend hates being cold haha.  But it’s such a fun family time because she is so alert, so happy, and looks freakin’ adorable in a animal hooded towel! We sing songs to her (mainly rap and 90’s pop- flashback to Ross and Rachel, anyone?), and she does this adorable thing we call Emmy Starfish (she completely stretches out her arms and legs and looks just like the cutest starfish there ever was).

While there are things that I’m definitely looking forward to as she gets older (like sleeping through the night), I selfishly love that she is completely dependent on me for everything.  She needs me to provide her food, she needs me to help her move, she needs me to change her diaper and bathe her.  This is literally the only time in her life where she will actually need me for EVERYTHING. And while it’s both physically and emotionally draining at times, I want to cherish every second of it because I know that I will blink and this stage will be over.

Mommy Update

I have always identified myself as a homebody, even in college. But getting out of the house, running errands, meeting mommy friends for lunch has given me LIFE as a new mom! The days where we don’t leave the house are some of my hardest. And I’m so lucky because Emmy loves being in her carseat and will pretty much nap the entire time we are out! My goal each day is to get out of the house once, even if it is just to run to Sonic Happy Hour for my caffeine pick-me-up. But truthfully, I think the reason I’m so willing to leave the house is because of The Doona (which I will share more about in my top 10 baby products post- coming soon!).

Last but not least, I want to encourage anyone who is pregnant or has a newborn to consider signing up for Square One at Watermark Community Church.  The majority of participants are actually NOT Watermark members, so don’t feel like you have to be a member of the church (or any church for that matter). It has been so refreshing to meet new moms in my area and so helpful to receive encouragement and advice from seasoned mothers. I started Square One when Emmy was only 3 weeks old, and I am so grateful I started during the hardest newborn stage.

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Last but not least, I want to thank Lee Ellen Darden for giving us possibly the best baby present I could ask for.  Lee Ellen designed and painted a custom oil painting to hang over our bed, and I think that our newborn pictures would not be near as beautiful without such a gorgeous backdrop! If you are in the market for custom artwork in your home, she will literally create your dream piece! Visit her website to see more of her commissioned work. She’s such a talented artist, and we are lucky to call her a friend!

As I am starting to get my mommy groove, I am hoping to create a lot more “new mom” posts.  What would you like to see? Comment below and let me know!

Love, Erin

Photography by Tarin Frantz



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