Baby’s Christmas Gift Guide

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One of the hardest things for me as a first time mom is knowing what toys are both developmentally stimulating and age appropriate for Emmy. And I know it’s even more difficult for those of you who don’t even have children yet but need to buy Christmas gifts for babies and toddlers in your families! So I decided to put a baby’s Christmas gift guide together including the toys and activities that we are asking for from family (and Santa!) this year.

Full disclosure, I emailed all of our family members kindly asking that we follow this rule this year: “One you want. One you need. One you wear. One you read.” I know that it will be virtually impossible to reign in the grandmas (as Emmy is the first grandchild on both sides of our family haha), but Parker and I want to start raising up our family with the attitude that Christmas is of course fun and festive, but more importantly about celebrating the birth of our Savior and serving those who are less fortunate than us!

So please don’t look at this and immediately assume that Emmy is about to be the most spoiled baby and doesn’t need all of these toys. I completely agree! I’m just trying to help my family (and anyone who reads this) with gift ideas because it can be hard to know what to buy.

Because Emmy is 8 months old, I am selecting toys that she could play with now, but also some that we will break out a few months from now.  It’s always good to have new toys stored up for a rainy day 😉 But if you are shopping for a younger baby or a soon-to-be mama, I recently wrote a post containing my top 15 Newborn Must Haves. 

Baby’s Christmas Gift Guide

1. Little Nomad Play Mat: We will need this in the new house, and I love how it looks like a beautiful rug.  I really try to avoid my home looking like a pre-school when possible 😉

2. Washable Sensory Balls: A great toy for so many different ages!

3.Folding Wagon with Canopy: This will be great for trips to the park or arboretum.  Emmy’s great-grandmother (her namesake) can’t WAIT to give this to her!

4. Personalized Photo Book: I think this would be such a fun way for Emmy to start recognizing her family members.  This would be especially great for someone who has family that doesn’t live close.

5. Stacking Blocks: Again, this is a toy that can probably be used during several developmental stages.  Right now, they are good for Emmy to practice her fine motor skills by picking them up.  But as she gets older, she will be able to actually build structures.

6. Sit-to-Stand Walker: My mom has already purchased this for Emmy. I know she’s going to love it in about a month! She already has this stationary one right now, and it’s currently her favorite toy.

7. Wooden Outdoor Swing: We have huge trees in our new house, and I think it would be so fun to hang this in the front yard.  I’m hoping that it encourages us to be out front more and get to know all the neighbors!

8. What’s Inside? Box: Another great toy for multiple ages! Right now, it will be just for practicing fine motor skills by pulling toys out and putting them back in the box.  But as Emmy gets older, we may ask her to pull out a figurine and tell us what animal it is, what sound it makes, how to spell its name, etc.

9. Climb and Crawl Foam Play Set: This is #1 on my Emmy’s Christmas list this year! And most of these are hundreds of dollars. This is the cheapest one I have found!

10. Puzzles: This is an inexpensive gift that again, can be used for all ages.  Emmy loves picking up the pieces and putting them in her mouth haha. But hopefully one day, she will actually try to do the puzzle haha.

11. Curiosity Table: Emmy has an activity center that she LOVES, but I think this one will be better suited for toddler stage. It’s a little more advanced than the one we have now, so will be perfect in a few months.

12. Touch & Learn Picture Cards: Just a good, educational activity. The recommend ages is 12 – 36 months, so this would work for every toddler.

13. Push Around Pink Car: I think this would be so fun to take some short walks up and down the block in. I’ve never seen a baby riding in one of these who didn’t look happy!

14. Activity Cube: Emmy could play with toys like this all day long! She loves sitting up. Also great for developing fine motor skills.

Comment below and share what’s on your baby’s Christmas gift guide this year!

Love, Erin

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