MARCH IS HERE!!! One of my girlfriends text me this morning and was like, “Can you believe you’re having a baby THIS MONTH?!?!”  Truly it has been a long road, but at the same time,… View Full Post

I highly encourage you reading the previous post about our first miscarriage if you haven’t already because this blog post is a continuation of our pregnancy journey, which involved the intervention of a fertility specialist. … View Full Post

Shop this Look:  This post is really not focusing on this lace-up sweater.  Even though we can all agree you need this in your life.  So add it to your cart and keep reading. As… View Full Post

Shop the Look:   I feel like I need to forewarn you that this blog post is not going to be written in the typical tongue-in-cheek style.  I typically like to keep things casual and… View Full Post