Lily Jade Giveaway and 34 Week Bumpdate

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Madeline Camel & Gold Bag (c/o Lily Jade) || Top: old Loft(similar here, here, here and maternity here) || Maternity Jeans || Shoes: old Nordstrom (same brand here, here, and here) || Sunglasses (c/o Barbas and Zacari)

Some days I just can’t believe I’m in the final stretch of pregnancy – only 6 more weeks to go! But let’s be honest, most days I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER.  I know deep down there will be things about pregnancy that I will definitely miss- feeling her kicks and knowing exactly where she is every minute of every day. But I am just so anxious to finally meet her! And anxious for a big glass of Cabernet….

But the Type A inside of me is definitely capitalizing on these last few weeks to cross some to-dos off of my seemingly never-ending checklist. And one of those things was finding the perfect diaper bag. A few weeks ago, I rounded up all of the items that I registered for, but I still hadn’t settled on a diaper bag because I was being so picky.  Sometimes researching and asking too many questions makes things even more complicated because everyone has a different opinion!

Ultimately, I decided on The Madeline by Lily Jade, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice!  Several of my friends have told me that they use the same diaper bag, which is so reassuring.

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Top 5 Reasons for Picking Lily Jade Diaper Bag:

  1. Overall, I love the style! I am so excited to be a mom, but being fashionable and a mom are not mutually exclusive. After all, I’m still in my twenties (for one more year…).  It is made of quality leather, and the camel and gold combination is my jam!
  2. You can take out the 12 pocket organizer and WASH IT! I don’t even want to think about how nasty and germ infested a diaper bag gets. Also, you can convert it into a normal messenger bag when you no longer need a diaper bag.
  3. It converts to a backpack! I had always known I wanted a backpack style diaper bag, but I love that I can use this as BOTH a messenger bag and a backpack depending on the situation.
  4. Lily Jade was founded by a normal mom like you and me. She knew exactly what she needed out of a diaper bag, and since she hadn’t found one on the current market that met all of those demands, she designed it herself!
  5. Lily Jade as a company is extremely dedicated to supporting adoptive mothers.  If you visit their Instagram account, they hold an “Adoptive Mom Giveaway” on the first Monday of every month.  You can nominate yourself or a loved one to win a free diaper bag.

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How Far Along: 34 weeks!

Weight Gain: I am on track to gain about 30-35 pounds, which my doctor says is normal for my size.  I honestly thought before pregnancy that I would be more insecure about gaining weight, but I’ve just been amazed at how miraculously God created my body to literally grow another human.  And I trust that my body will do what it needs to do to make a healthy little girl, and if that involves a few more lbs, then so be it! Also, because I’m so small and have such a short torso, I popped really early in my pregnancy (like 13 weeks). Several friends literally knew we were pregnant before we actually told them because they could see my bump haha!

Cravings: At this point, I’m pretty much consuming all of the carbohydrates and ice cream I can get my hands on without an ounce of shame! This is no surprise as I have craved carbs my entire pregnancy, specifically pizza, pasta, bagels, baked potatoes, and cereal.  The most recent craving that I’ve added to the list is orange juice (random I know).

How I’m Feeling: Since about week 30, I started having trouble sleeping.  I have slept AMAZING during pregnancy as a whole- better than normal! But now my hips and back are finally starting to hurt, so I am waking up consistently to change positions and just have a hard time getting comfortable. I started to lose the “2nd trimester energy boost” around week 26, and it’s drastically gotten worse. At this point, I can barely do dishes without getting winded.  I also have been having Braxton Hicks contractions since 28 weeks.  I have actually had to be monitored twice now because they were so intense.

Most Embarrassing Moment: I managed to have my car broken into (probably because I left it unlocked…oops) AND run out of gas on the way to my doctor’s appointment all in the same day. #HotMessExpress

Biggest Struggle in Pregnancy: Since day one, acne has been the pregnancy symptom that I have personally struggled with the most.  I know it sounds vain, but it has been the hardest thing for my self esteem.  If I wear makeup to try to cover it up, it just makes me breakout more.  I literally sampled 5 different foundations until I finally found the one that has provided enough coverage without further irritating my skin (linked here).  But praise the Lord that it has mostly cleared up in the 3rd trimester!

Birth Plan: I have never really had a “birth plan” per say, but I always planned on having an epidural with a vaginal birth.  However, we learned at 32 weeks that the baby is currently breech.  We go back at 35 weeks for another sonogram and if she hasn’t flipped, then we have to either attempt a version or automatically schedule a C section. This was kind of a lot to process as I always expected to have a vaginal birth, but now my primary concern is safety for the baby and myself. So if that means a C section, bring it on!

Workout Regime: So, I really haven’t worked out beyond walking since being pregnant.  However, I did start taking prenatal yoga in my 3rd trimester and have been loving it! One of my doctors also told me that he feels like yoga is the best possible workout a pregnant woman could do for herself.

Time Off From Work: I am so blessed to have the most flexible work schedule imaginable! I only tutor on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings, so we will not have to find child care at all, which is such a blessing to our bank account haha.  Assuming the birth process goes smoothly without complications, I will probably only take 1 month off.  After that, Parker and I will try to make my current schedule work until the end of May when school gets out.  I know a lot of people think I’m crazy for going back so fast, but I really feel like I’m going to be exhausted no matter what.  I might as well make a little bit more money because I don’t earn a paycheck in the summer.

What Do We Still Have Left To Do: Honestly, our nursery is completely done (big reveal coming soon)! It has been a labor of love as Parker and I have done everything ourselves.  We have spent almost every weekend in December and January working on it.  Our goal was to knock it all out now so that we can relax these last few weeks before she arrives. We have received pretty much everything we need for now; the only things we need to still purchase before she is born is this stroller and another car seat base.

Fun Pregnancy Facts: Throughout my pregnancy, I have always looked further along than I really am because of my body type.  I can’t tell you how many strangers come up to me on a weekly basis and comment on how the baby must be coming any day now, and their mouths literally drop when I confirm that my due date is in fact March 19th. I’ve been asked several times if I’m sure there isn’t two in there… It’s amazing how insensitive some people can be! I also get asked fairly often if I’m having a boy because I’m carrying so low.

What I’m Most Excited For Post Pregnancy: I think it goes without saying that I’m obviously the most excited to finally meet this little nugget that has been growing inside me for 9 months and soaking up all the newborn cuddles! But on a more basic level, I am counting down the days until I can consume red wine, tuna salad, and sushi.  I have also not drunk caffeine at all during my pregnancy, so I am really excited to hit up Sonic Happy Hour for a large Coca-Cola 🙂

xx, Erin

Fun Sized Erin x Lily Jade Giveaway!

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Photography by Teri Lynam

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