Family Christmas Card

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Top: Anthropologie || Jeans: old (similar here) || Boots: Steve Madden (under $100) || Watch: c/o Christian Paul || Earrings: Kendra Scott || Dog Collars: c/o Dixie Goods Company (green & pink)

December is truly the most magical month of the year.  Call me basic, but nothing gets me more in the Christmas spirit than strolling through Highland Park Village and watching the little lights twinkling (red holiday cup in hand, duh.).  Okay I take it back.  Maybe checking the mailbox every day in December with the hopes of discovering a new batch of Christmas cards might take the cake.  It’s such a nice change of pace from the usual credit card application or baby shower invitation… (Don’t get me wrong, I love babies. Put double downing on baby showers every weekend is an estrogen overload.)

Anyways, Parker and I have always sent out a Christmas card every year that we’ve been married.  (Correction: I’ve sent a Christmas card out every year that we’ve been married.  Parker couldn’t care less about the Christmas card -especially if he knew how expensive they are…). It’s a holiday tradition that I feel very strongly about, but one that I always regret not preparing more in advance for.

I finally get on Minted about December 10th, realize that we haven’t taken a professional picture since our engagements 4 years ago, and start scrolling through to find a halfway decent iPhone pic of the two of us without a drink in hand.  (Oh wait, I actually sent a Christmas card out of us last year drinking wine, scratch that.)

But this year, things were going to be different.  I scheduled a photo shoot with my blogger photographer mother BEFORE Thanksgiving, forced highly encouraged Parker to leave work early so that we’d have the perfect lighting, and color coordinated our outfits to be “holiday-ish” without looking like we tried too hard to be holiday-ish. I was even dead set (again, much to my husband’s dismay) to include both puppies in the McCormack Christmas Card Extravaganza.  I knew it would add an additional level of unpredictability, and I never would have expected that Mischa would have been the one to shy away from the camera.

dallas lifestyle blogger, dallas fashion blogger, Anthropologie green tunic, off the shoulder tunic, green off the shoulder blouse, Steve Madden over the knee boots, chunky black boots

crazy dog mom, adopt don't shop, man's best friend, puppy love, Christmas card bloopers, funny Christmas card pictures

But none of the people who receive my Christmas cards in the mail would ever know this, because I carefully selected the picture that made the McCormacks look like we totally have our shit together. And since I wasn’t going to pay the extra $35 to put additional photos on the back of the card, I figured I’d give my readers the gift that keeps on giving- the McCormack blooper reel!

And if you haven’t take Christmas card pics yet, it’s not too late! I’ve rounded up some holiday-ish inspired fashion for all different price points.  And even if you aren’t going to take Christmas card pics this year, buy yourself something pretty anyways!

Cheers, Erin

Photography by Teri Lynam 


  1. Tami (@ThisMomsDelight) November 24, 2016 / 11:36

    The photographer did a great job capturing the fun(ny) moments. I need to do this with my temperamental chihuahua.

  2. Iesha Thompson November 25, 2016 / 21:51

    This is absolutely too cute. I love the holiday pictures that look natural and fun!

    Iesha aka Lesh

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