I’m Erin McCormack, the author behind Fun Sized Erin. I am a “retired” teacher turned full-time tutor so that I can spend my days at home with my little baby girl.

Acting on a New Year’s resolution, I founded Fun-Sized Erin as a creative outlet to express myself and create a safe place to share my hopes, dreams, loves, frustrations, and everything in between.  Writing has always been the most natural form of self-expression for me, especially in a season of life where I somewhat lost myself in an attempt to try to please everyone else.   

I hope you feel like reading this blog is like girl-chatting with your bestie over cocktails. I’m honest, vulnerable, and totally embrace my imperfections and shortcomings. My life is far from perfect, but my faith has been perfected by the power of Jesus. So I hope you will follow along as I document life from the perspective of a 5’1 twenty-something who is just trying to balance wife life, friendships, career, and motherhood… and attempt to maintain a tiny bit of sanity in the process.

Love, Erin