National Dog Day: Mischa & Macy Style

National Dog Day, Crazy Dog Mom, Adopt Don't Shop, Mutt    

  Hi, I’m Erin.  I’m a dog-aholic.  (You respond, “Hi Erin”.)  I know that you probably think this is funny, but it’s a serious condition.  Like so serious, that when my husband and I were discussing some talking points as to whether or not we were ready to start a family, he told me his biggest concern stemmed from the dogs.  As in, I am so obsessed with my two fur babies that he’s scared to know the oceans of my love for a real, HUMAN baby.

So yes, I’m a certifiable crazy-dog mom.  But the thing is, a lot of people categorize themselves as a “crazy dog-mom”, and in reality, they’re just a normal dog-mom.  So what’s the litmus test of crazy dog-mom status you ask?

5 Reasons Why I Know I’m a Crazy-Dog Mom:

  1. Mischa, the full-bred Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, has allergies.  And the prescription dog food we buy her costs $80 a bag.  And she eats 4 bowls a day… You do the math.
  2. Macy, our street-pup, doesn’t like to eat alone.  In order for her to eat her food, you have to sit right next to her bowl.  And I do it every morning and night. (Parker does too, he’s just not going to admit it to the mass pop.  Oh, shoot.  My bad.)
  3. You create songs about your dogs to the tunes of Trey Songz and Beyonce, and proceed to serenade them as you put them in/out of their kennels.
  4. I took my dogs to a new boarding facility when we went away for the weekend.  It reeked of urine, and it required two grown men to drag both girls through the door.  I cried the whole way home.
  5. I spent  $1300+ on tests and x-rays for the vet to finally diagnose Mischa with gas.  As in, she just needed to get out a good fart.

Trust me, I know what you’re thinking: How in the world does this chick have any friends, let alone, a husband?  Your questions are completely valid; I constantly ask myself the same thing.  But for those of you who are “Amen-ing!” numbers 1-5 as we speak,  welcome to the club.  And for those of you who are “oh my God-ding this girl needs to be fit for her straight jacket“, then congratulations- you’re officially normal.

And of course, any crazy dog-mom knows that you gotta’ let your crazy show a little bit!  These tanks from Sweet Pea and Tulip Boutique are a must-have for anyone who claims to be a dog-lover.  And I just can’t get enough of these fashionista dog collars for my #BloggerPuppies from Dixie Goods Company. So pour the vino and begin celebrating #NationalDogDay because let’s be honest, there are few things better in life than drinking wine and petting your pooches.

Cheers, Erin

P.S. I mean, aren’t my pups the cutest EVER? Like they should be models. Oh wait…

National Dog Day, Crazy Dog Mom, Adopt Don't Shop, MuttNational Dog Day, Crazy Dog Mom, Adopt Don't Shop, MuttNational Dog Day, Crazy Dog Mom, Adopt Don't Shop, MuttNational Dog Day, Crazy Dog Mom, Adopt Don't Shop, MuttNational Dog Day, Crazy Dog Mom, Adopt Don't Shop, MuttNational Dog Day, Crazy Dog Mom, Adopt Don't Shop, Mutt

Tank: c/o Sweet Pea and tulip Boutique || Pants: old, similar here || Shoes: old, similar here || Collars: c/o of Dixie Goods Company (Mischa and Macy)

Photography by Mary Summers Photography


  1. savanna August 26, 2016 / 19:45

    This post is SO CUTE. Love that you’re introducing the pups!!

    • Erin September 14, 2016 / 09:48

      Haha they really deserve a blog of their own! 😉 Jk… kinda…

  2. Marti August 27, 2016 / 18:30

    UGH our newest rescue requires her first 3 pieces of food be hand fed, and then that you sit with her while she eats the bowl but I secretly love feeling needed… Glad I’m not the only crazy dog mom! Parker and Mac seem to have the same fears about introducing humans to the pack! Keep it up, girl – the blog is great!

    • Erin September 14, 2016 / 09:48

      Haha we always did “understand” each other. Glad I know there’s one person out there who doesn’t think I’m cray. And I need to get to Atlanta soon!!

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