New Years Eve on a Budget

I hope that all of you had the Merriest Christmas and were able to spend some true quality time unplugging and being fully present with your families and friends.  I must confess that this December I was too “busy”.  Between working a 2nd job and juggling all of the social obligations that quickly filled up our calendar, I completely spread myself too thin.  Getting the opportunity to step away from the blog and Instagram for a few days celebrating the birth of our Savior was so good for my soul. And as you saw on my Insta Stories, the Christmas decorations are already put away in the attic and the McCormacks are ready for 2017! Which leads me right into my next point… New Years Eve.

New Years Eve is the most OVERRATED holiday in my opinion.  There is an enormous pressure to have something glamorous to do on NYE.  If I could have things my way, I would spend the last day of 2016 doing what I did on every other day of 2016:  wearing yoga pants, eating Pizza Hut, and cuddling up on the couch with my hubs watching the ball drop on East Coast time (that way I can be in bed before midnight).  But if I were to actually say these words out loud, people would immediately judge me (and probably for good reason).  And truly, my heart goes out to all of the single ladies on this night.  The pressure to have someone to publicly kiss when the clock strikes midnight has to pure torture.

And not to mention, I never have anything New Years Eve-ish to wear.  Maybe that’s the real reason I hate NYE.  I actually don’t own anything that is NYE appropriate, so I try to make excuses as to being a homebody who insists on being asleep before the stroke of midnight.

So if you’re like me, let’s commit to buying one staple NYE top that can be repeated as you ring in the new year, year after year. I just purchased these gold culottes from Anthropologie for $35 and this black sequined sweater from Anthro as well (use code: TAGTIMES) because I thought they would be good holiday staple pieces that could work as a NYE ensemble as well. And well, it’s hard for me to resist a 40% sale at Anthro…

Over the next few days, I’m going to be spending some serious time reflecting on my personal goals and blog goals for 2017.  Last year, Parker and I each came up with goals that we wanted to accomplish individually and goals we wanted to accomplish within our marriage. Next week I will be sharing some of those with you guys- so stay tuned!

Cheers, Erin


  1. Cara December 31, 2016 / 03:39

    so many awesome picks for NYE! I am especially loving all the velvet and fringe! xo

  2. Dāsha January 3, 2017 / 04:15

    These are all great ideas. It’s pretty crazy how much some of the stores want to charge for a flimsy piece of material with some glitter.

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