First Time Mom Baby Registry Checklist

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As I attempted to put together my first time mom baby registry checklist, I have spent hours upon hours reading mommy blogs, discussion forums, and even stalking my friends’ baby registries to identify the Holy Grails of baby products. And what I’ve concluded from my research is the following: NOBODY REALLY KNOWS.

For every person who swears by one product, there is another person who curses it.  I mean, if you want to start a mom-troversy, find a Chick-Fil-A and ask everyone’s thoughts on the MamaRoo

But in all seriousness, I am really trying to take a minimalistic approach to motherhood. I would like to say it’s because I’m laid back and chill, but really, it’s because we live in a tiny house and literally have no room for useless crap. But saying I’m a minimalist mom sounds much more progressive. So I’m going with it.

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My husband and I have debated this endlessly.  But at the end of the day, we are going to be “those people” who register for 2 of the most expensive strollers on the market. We have decided that we think the benefits of having the Doona for the first year are worth the extra cost. And seasoned moms, feel free to roll your eyes. I totally don’t blame you. But again, keep in mind we are first-time parents and likely to go a little overboard

Uppababy Vista Stroller: I have heard from just about everyone that this is the cream of the crop stroller, especially if you desire to have multiple babies closer in age. One of my mom friends of 3 told me that her biggest regret was not buying a high-end stroller at the beginning. She opted for a less expensive option and with as many times as she has had to replace it, it would have cost them the same amount as a nice stroller.

Doona Infant Car Seat: If you haven’t seen the Doona in action, watch the video below. This is one of my favorite things on the baby registry!  All of my seasoned mom friends say they would have given anything to have something this handy.  It’s a car seat that magically transforms into a stroller. You can also buy additional bases for dad and grandma.

Carriers: Parker is really excited about this product! I think he envisions carrying Emmy around the golf course in the Ergobaby 😉 I am also registering for the Baby K’Tan, it just seems a little easier for casual errands and housework.

Travel Crib: To be honest, I haven’t asked a lot of personal opinion on this item.  I was immediately drawn to how light weight the Baby Bjorn is.  I feel like I will really only care about having one that is easy to pack up and that I can lift without Parker’s muscles.

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Bottles: I have heard from so many moms that this is a trial and error process.  Some babies are very particular about which nipple they prefer.  Full disclosure: Most of my mommy friends swear by Dr. Brown’s because it helps with gas issues. But I have had one friend say she refused to use them because there were too many parts to clean. My plan is to buy one of each of the following brands and see what Emmy takes to: Comotomo, Dr. Brown’s OptionsDr. Brown’s Wide-Neck, Kiinde (if you plan on breastfeeding), and Joovy Boob

Nursing Cover: Milk Snob (c/o) has so many cute patterns, and I love how they double as a nursing cover and a carrier cover.

Nursing Pillow: Again, I feel like this is one of those “new mom staples” when it comes to feeding time.  And after spending a little time nannying last year, I was shocked at how long the feed process can really take!

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High Chair: This is definitely on the pricier side, but what completely sold me on this one is the magnetic tray.  You can purchase the 4Mom’s magnetic set of children’s dishes and silverware that sticks to the tray.  So while your child is learning to use proper dining ware, he/she can’t pick the bowls up and throw them around. It’s genius!

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DockATot (c/o): This is a product that so many of my friends swear by! I love that it is so multi-functional.  You can use it as a co-sleeper or just a baby lounger that can be transported anywhere around the house. As of now, Parker and I are not planning on purchasing a bassinet because we are going to start Emmy almost immediately in her crib.  However, for the first few weeks, we are going to try to let her sleep in the DockATot in our bed to make midnight feedings easier! You can purchase it in two sizes: Deluxe and Grand. Parker has already requested that they make an adult size haha!

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Diapers: Does it make me a bad mom if I admit that probably whatever is on sale?! But in all seriousness, I have heard that Costco has amazing deals on quality diapers and wipes.

Changing Pad: After nannying and changing endless diapers, I knew immediately that I did not want a fabric-covered changing pad.  How amazing it will be to just quickly wipe down the Peanut changing pad after an accident (or two or fifty!).

Blankets: As I’ve mentioned before, Aden + Anais all day every day! Their dream blankets are so soft. The only issue I’ve come across is deciding which pattern is the cutest!  One of my mommy friends told me that this was her favorite gift she received that she actually did not register for!

Pacifiers: Just like the bottles, this is a product that depends on the baby.  I plan on trying a few brands: The Pop (I love that if it falls on the floor, the nipple “pops” inward to keep it from touching the floor!), MAM (most recommended by my mommy friends) Philips Avent Soothie, and of course, the WubbaNub!

Playmat: I just thought this one was cute!  And isn’t that all that matters?!

Bathtime and Bedtime

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I will include all of my bedding, decor, and furniture in a nursery reveal post later on, so I’m not including any of that here!

Swaddles: I am excited about The Ollie World swaddle (c/o) because it utilizes Velcro- perfect for this gal who has absolutely no idea what she’s doing! It is also created with a moisture-wicking material to prevent your baby from overheating in the warmer months.  Given the fact that we live in Texas (and Emmy is coming from a line of hot-natured humans), this is a big selling point. The woman who invented the Ollie swaddle was a foster mom who was just trying to find a way to meet the immediate needs of her underweight infant.  She noticed drastic improvements in his eating and sleeping through the night! Another swaddle I plan on using is from one of my favorite baby brands, Aden + Anais.  They have the CUTEST prints, which no doubt will make for the cutest Insta posts 😉  Another brand that has been recommended to me are SwaddleMe and Woombie.  I’ll let you know which one Emmy prefers!

Bathtub: I am really torn here.  I love the 4Moms Infant Tub because it includes a thermometer. But again, space is an issue.  I’ve heard the Puj is amazing because you can literally fold it up and store it.  We are currently going with the Puj, but my sweet cousin has offered to let me borrow her 4Moms tub, so I’ll report back on both!

Noise Machine: Parker and I don’t go a night without our Dohm sleep machine.  And we would never deprive Emmy of the same joy! We are going to try the Baby Shusher because we have heard it’s the best for babies… but who really knows haha.

Monitor: To be honest, this is the one “big ticket item” that I would love more opinions on! Please comment below and tell me which one you bought and whether you love or hate it.  I chose this one based on a friend’s recommendation, but am open to suggestions. Full disclosure: Several people have told me they love The Nest, but then others have said that it’s frustrating because the video isn’t clear and your phone must be unlocked and open to the app for it to work. So comment below and let me know your opinions on this one if you use it!

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Of course, once Emmy arrives and I actually am doing the “mom thing”, I will create a comprehensive baby registry post of EVERYTHING we use and love (and even a few things we hated!).  Please feel free to look at my full registry.

Comment below and let me know what YOUR favorite baby products are!  In the mean time, feel free to read my first pregnancy post here.

Love, Erin

Thank you to DockATot and The Ollie World for sending me your products to try.  As always, all opinions are my own.  And thank you to my readers for supporting the brands that support Fun Sized Erin!

Photography by Teri Lynam 


  1. Keni December 19, 2017 / 03:23

    : Motorola digital with 2 cameras (I like having screen especially when they are little)
    Travel crib: nuna (love love ours! And let’s be real, we’re at the ranch every weekend so this gets a lot of use – and folds up so easily!)
    Blankets: Lou Lou & company
    Swaddles: love to dreams “swaddle ups” – huge fan! Wyatt liked being cuddled up but wanted his hands near by

    Also love the fisher price floor chair And I say go ahead and register for convertible car seat (Ella and as out of her infant one at 6 months ‍♀️ Due to too many rough dallas car trips…) and a cheap bouncer is nice to have while taking a bath or getting ready in mornings (something that you can easily move around to different rooms)

  2. Renee Sena December 19, 2017 / 08:57

    Our favorites include: muslin blankets, sleep sacks, everything medela (go for the hospital grade pump—it is worth it!!), and plush toys.

    We have made low $ purchases that have been excellent, mostly since she didn’t take to some things (pacifiers, the baby bathtub, ergo babywrap, bassinet, swaddleme blankets, anything with a scent in it-including laundry detergent), and the simpler the function, the better.

    Happy baby-registering! 🙂

  3. Lauren January 25, 2018 / 09:34

    As a mom of a 7 month old and 2 year old I can say this is a great registry!!! I recommend the infant optics video monitor that you have puctured! It’s the highest quality camera and the monitor holds a charge well! Congrats!

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