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Aneni prayer to find a husband

Thank you for my husband. He is an amazing partner and blessing in my life. He is more than I could ever ask for. I know that neither one of us is perfect, but we are perfectly imperfect together.

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Prayer To Find a Husband or Wife (with PDF Prayer Guide)

Rabbi Binyamin said: All are presumed blind until the Holy One, blessed be He, enlightens their eyes. In the merit of the charity which I am donating for the sake of the soul of Rabbi Meir the Miracle Worker may I find which I have lost.

Money is then donated to support the poor in Israel. Chanina ben Teradion. She said to her husband, "It bothers me that my sister sits in the brothel [where she was placed by the Roman regime].

There were there some man-eating dogs. Rabbi Meir took a clump of earth and threw it at them. The warder then handed her over to him. Eventually the matter became known to the government, and the warder was brought to be hanged. They then engraved Rabbi Meir's likeness on the gates of Rome and proclaimed that anyone seeing a person resembling it should bring him there.

One day Rabbi Meir was spotted and was chased. He ran away from them and entered a harlot's house. Others say he happened just then to see food cooked by heathens and he dipped in one finger and then sucked the other.

Others again say that Elijah the Prophet appeared to them as a harlot who embraced him. Meir, he would not have acted thus! I'm in a shmiras haloshon class that uses two texts. It's been a while since I've been able to find my copies, but someone always lets me read over her shoulder in class.

Last week because of social distancing and shelter-in-place directives,we began learning together over the phone and ZOOM. Now I really needed to find the books or order duplicates. I recited the segula, put tzedakah in a pushke, and almost immediately found the books in a place where I had already looked more than once. I have used the segula successfully a number of times, baruch hashem.

This is only the most recent example. I found in my grandmother's house in a "forgotten" closet. I am amazed Reply. It definitely helped for me! I was visiting my mom and dad in Florida. And I was wearing a bracelet given to me from my mother in law. When I got on the plane I noticed it was gone. My heart dropped! I reported it to lost and found 3 different ways. The airport, airlines and tsa. I was so upset about this and couldn't sleep so I looked up something to say in Hebrew.

And sure enough I did it and next day I got an email saying they found my bracelet! I was at my grandmothers house for shabbos and I lost an expensive earring. My grandmother searched after shabbos but it was nowhere to be found.

Two weeks later on a Sunday my mom found this prayer. She was in middle of baking but she quickly said the prayer, put money in the tzedakah box, and went to check on the oven. She opened the oven and there on the bottom was my earring Reply. I didn't find my ipod nano yet which i need for today.

But I have complete bitachon that Hashem will help me find it! My best friend lost her wedding rings. She had long given up finding them, and was planning on buying new ones.

She said it. The next day she was in her garage, and decided to use an old stroller. When she open the stroller her rings were on the top of it!!!! Thank G-d!! Am Yisroel Chai Reply. I unfortunately I lost a gold bracelet that my father gave me for Hanukkah several years ago. It had belonged to my mother. I loved this bracelet. I was also searching everywhere I could to hopefully find it. I even had two dreams that night that I had found it. The next morning I found it in my car's seat.

Thank Gd. Wow wow wow. I was so excited. I cried again this time from happiness. The Blessing worked. I was entrusted to the care of an elderly homeless lady, and she has gone missing. I have been driving all over the city looking for her. She was like a grandmother to me.

I am beside myself with grief and remorse. Any evidence that this prayer works, and for stolen lost Jewish artifacts as well? Several years ago I wrote a paper for a memoir writing class on this prayer, giving many personal and other examples showing that the prayer works.

If you send me your email address I'll send you a copy of the paper. Why don't you try? You don't need proof for a miracle. Hashem can make anything happen! Can you send me too the copy of the paper for the prayer of lost things or missing person? My friend lost her notebook. She was devastated since it was prior to her midterm. I sent her the link to this prayer and she said she had nothing to lose but to try it. She promised to give charity if the item would be found.

The next day the campus police called that they found it. The miracle was that her name nor her number were written on the notebook or notes! If there was such thing we wouldn't have free will in this world! I lost my cat and I am full of anxiety still after so many months.

Not sure how to have closure with that? Can this be used when you lost your job and need it back Reply. Can this be used when a person has gone missing eg a missing child not just an object? My daughter lost 2 important pen drives with all her work on the weekend. Looked everywhere like crazy and no success. I said the prayer today, Monday and asked God to open our eyes. I put some money in the charity box.

My daughter did so too, though I don't think she believed it would work. Five minutes later she found them in the pocket of her jacket.

How true, God opens our eyes only then can we see. Thank you Baruch Hashem. It Didn't Work I said the prayer for my missing cat, made the donation, etc.

Don't believe these prayers are full proof. The Holocaust is a perfect example they are not. Mike I do agree with you about Shoah. I once helped a Christian lady look for something she lost. She found it after I silently said Shma. Saint Anthony was on break. Spend many hours searching for them, no success, prayed, found in 10 minutes Thank you. Baruch Hashem Reply.

Found I couldn't find four objects. Last night my daughter suggested that I say the bracha for lost objects.

Prayer For A Soulmate

May it be Your will Hashem, my God and God of my forefathers, that You find for me with your many mercies and the greatness of Your kindness, my true and befitting marriage partner at the right time. The right partner, worthy of having children, a learned man, great in Torah and the fear of Heaven, born from the seed of righteous and truthful men who have fear of sin. Just like You found the true partner for Adam Ha-Rishon, for Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov and Moshe, each one his true partner at the right moment and time.

Special Prayers for Special Occasions Translated by: Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Iskowitz In troubled times and joyous times, this beautiful anthology will help you express your heartfelt prayers. This personal prayer companion, with facing Hebrew text and English translation, contains prayers for ones children, spouse, health and livelihood, candlelighting, seperation of challah, as well as prayers to be said at the graves of tzaddikim.

Rabbi Binyamin said: All are presumed blind until the Holy One, blessed be He, enlightens their eyes. In the merit of the charity which I am donating for the sake of the soul of Rabbi Meir the Miracle Worker may I find which I have lost. Money is then donated to support the poor in Israel. Chanina ben Teradion.

Is there a prayer for lost objects?

Know of a segulah or tefillah for a shidduch that's not listed here? Contact the webmaster at: webmaster shidduchim. How do segulos work and why? Find out more about the Secrets of Segulos. Read about more about segulos, their origins, and why people rely upon them in this article: " What About Those Wedding Superstitions For Singles? For more information, please email proactive juno. This Hachnosas Kallah fund is locally based, in the Baltimore area. They have a program called Chodesh Gelt , where each month they will mail you out a donation card with a return envelope so you can donate tzedakah to the fund monthly. If you can't do it yourself, a frum Jew involved in Torah-learning in Jerusalem can go for you, and daven on your behalf. This can be arranged via www.

Prayer for Finding a Husband

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One of the central Jewish prayers for those who are ill or recovering from illness or accidents is the Mi Sheberach.

Thank you for your unconditional love for me. I am so undeserving, yet you pursue me daily! Thank you for your grace and for your perfect provision.

A Prayer to Find my Husband

May 12 18 Iyar Torah Portion. Why do we pray? Doesn't God already know what's good for us? Doesn't He already know what we need?


Battling injustice? Get my free Prayer to Reverse Unjust Situations here! Are you single and waiting for a spouse? Do you need prayer to find a husband or wife—or maybe you need to pray for yourself to find a spouse, but you aren't sure how to do so? I do pray for all my readers who are single and desire to be married. But, even more, I desire to equip YOU to pray for your future spouse and marriage with confidence, knowing that God really DOES want you to be married if you want to be.

Jewish Prayer for the Sick: Mi Sheberach

Let us merit to find him, to come close to him and to hear Torah teachings from his mouth. And have pity upon all those who are having difficulty in finding their mate, in particular… specify the names of those you wish to pray for. Help them! We do not know, nor have we any idea how to really seek our true mates, for only You know how difficult it is. All matches are made up of two opposites.

Mar 26, - Presented here is the prayer to find one's mate, based upon the above lesson (from Likutey Tefilot ). Blessed G-d, Who has Great.

And guard us, my fetus and me, that we will not be harmed, not physically, and not in any of our limbs, and not in any of our nerves, and not in our skin and not in our flesh, and not on the inside of our bodies or on the outside. My eyes are raised up to You, so that You will answer me, G-d, my L-rd, and I will rejoice in G-d, Who helps me and saves me, G-d my savior, who rushes to assist me. I am looking forward to your salvation, G-d, at every moment.

I am an attractive lady, bright, smart as well as outgoing.. I have alot of unsaved men and men approach me for dates or even to get with me to fufill short term sexual pleasures…. This does not entertain me… I want to be with my husband and husband only that God sends me and blesses me with….

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