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Baby girl names celtic

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While names like Erin, Colleen and Shannon are often thought of as Irish names, they are rarely encountered in Ireland and are not traditional names. The names listed on these pages are mainly of Irish origin, some of them very old and dating back to pre-Christian Celtic times. Others are commonly encountered Irish versions of well known English names. Where meanings are known they are given, but the reality is that many names have been in use for centuries and, in spite of what you may read on other sites, have no clear meaning or definite origin. In Irish legend Aoife was the second wife of King Lir, and was so jealous of his love for the four children of his first marriage to her sister that she lured them to a lakeside and turned them into swans. She placed a curse on them that forced them to spend years at that lake followed by years on a river opening to a stormy sea and years at a frozen lake in the North.

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Celtic Baby Names baby names starting with m

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Yes: I would like a free travel consultation with Niamh. Yes: I'm planning it myself. Abaigh Father's Joy. Abigail Father of Exaltation. Adeline Noble. Aedamnair Fire. Aelish Truth Teller. Afric Pleasant. Agnees Pure; Holy. Aibhe White. Aibhlinn Longed for child. Aibreann April in Irish. Aideen Little Fire. Aidnat Little Fire. Ailbe White. Ailbhe White World King.

Ailis Light of sun. Ailison Honest. Aine Brightness. Aingeal Angel. Ainnir Young Woman. Aisling A vision. Aislinn A Vision; A Dream. Alana Beautiful. Alby White. Alison Honest. Allanah Darling Child. Alma Good. Ana Wealth; Abundance. Andraste Victory. Andrea Beautiful; Dared.

Angela Messenger of God. Anna Splendor; Radiance; Brilliance. Annabel Lovable. Annabla Lovable. Anne Grace. Anya Splendor; Radiance; Brilliance. Aodhamair Fire. Aoibh Beauty. Aoibheann Pleasant; Beautiful. Aoife Beautiful; Radiant; Joyful. Arlanna An Oath. Artis Noble; Lofty Hill. Asa Healer. Assumpta The Assumption. Aubrey Rules the Elves. Bairbre Foreign; Strange.

Bannon Queen. Bergette Strength; Power. Bernadette Strong. Bessie Consecrated to God. Bethal From the House of God. Bevan Fair Lady. Bevin Sweet voice. Biddy Strong. Blathnaid Little Flower. Branna Beauty with hair as dark as a raven. Braon Tear Drop. Breanne Strong. Brenda Little Raven; Beacon of the Hill. Brenna Raven-haired. Brianna Noble; Virtuous. Bridget Strong spirited. Brigit Power; Vigour; Virtue.

Brona Sorrow. Bronagh Sad. Bryna Strength. Cadhla Beautiful. Caer Yew berry castle. Cahan Battle; Warrior. Caireann Little Beloved. Caitlin Pure. Caitriona Pure.

Caley Friend. Caoimhe Gentle; Beautiful; Precious. Cara Beloved; Friend. Caragh Love. Carey Loved one. Carin Friend. Carlin Champion. Carmel Fruitful Field. Carrol Champion. Casey Vigilant. Casidhe Clever. Cassidy Clever. Catelyn Pure. Cathleen Virginal. Catriona Pure. Cecilia Blind.

Cecily Blind one. Celia Heaven. Chevonne God is gracious. Christie Flower of Christ. Ciannait Ancient. Ciar Saint Ciar. Ciara Spear.

Claire Clear; Bright; Famous. Clara Clear; Bright; Famous. Claudia Persevering.

Gaelic Baby Girl Names

Do you want your baby to have a name that reflects Celtic heritage? While some have been fairly common, such as Erin, others are more exotic. However, Celtic heritage might be celebrated by anyone with ancestors from much of Europe from the Danube to the Rhine and Douro Rivers. These names have Celtic roots or are the forms used in Celtic lands for names from other roots. Fun Fact: Canadian political cartoonist Terry Mosher draws under the name Aislin, taken from the name of his daughter, Aislinn.

Yes: I would like a free travel consultation with Niamh. Yes: I'm planning it myself.

Celtic baby names always seem to have a musical, romantic sound to them conjuring up images of extraordinary landscapes and ancient myths. Many people assume that 'Celtic' is the same as Irish but there are, in fact, seven Celtic 'nations. These places are considered nations because they share a common culture and language and are distinct from being sovereign nations or countries as we know them today. All of these places, except Iberia, still have pockets of people who can speak the original Celtic language for their area.

Girl Names of Irish & Celtic Descent.

Thanks to the beautiful Gaelic language, Ireland has always had a wealth of beautiful names to choose from. May parents are drawn to Irish names for their daughters, not only because of the large range of selections to choose from but also because of their similarity to English names, their unique pronunciations, and the strong, inspiring meanings behind them. Female celebrities with Irish names, such as Saoirse Ronan, Oona Chaplin, and Kerry Washington, have seriously contributed to the rise in popularity of these names in America. Many celebrities -- such as Brooke Shields, who named her daughter Rowan -- have also chosen Irish names for their daughters, easily showing that folks don't need to have Irish heritage to beautifully rock an Irish name. For parents looking to give their little girls names that probably won't be replicated on the playground or in their classrooms, Ireland is the perfect place to gain inspiration. This list contains 50 of the best Irish girl names, any of which a baby girl would be extremely lucky to have. Cailin is a less common spelling for names like Kaylin and Kaylen. It isn't incredibly popular, but the name very simply translates from Gaelic to mean "lass" or "girl. A throwback to the famous Goldie Hawn, Goldie is a sweet but relatively unpopular name that fell out of favor in the late s. This name is perfect for anyone looking for something that feels both fun and timeless.

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Celtic baby girl names!

Aina, Anne. Associated with the Cauldron of Life, enlightenment, inspiration, wisdom. A peninsula on the southwest tip of Ireland is name for her.

Irish Baby Girl Names

Looking for an Irish name for a little bundle of joy on the way or just inspired by the beauty of Irish names and their meanings? Here are ideas for you! Here are today's most popular Irish language baby names, with their meanings and pronunciations - 50 girl names and 50 boy names.

Celtic baby names a combination of Irish, Welsh, Gaelic, and Scottish names tend to have a magical, timeless, and musical feel. More modern Celtic names are often unisex—like Morgan and Quinn. Read More. A spirited baby may be in the cards for you if you decide to name your son Aiden, derived from the Irish Aidan, meaning "fiery A more phonetic and less popular variation of the cosmopolitan Alina, Aleena is a lyrical name with a lovely meaning—two Want a unique and melodic name for your baby girl?


Celtic language is the language of the Celts; an Indo European ethno-linguistic European group that shares cultural similarities with Europe. Pronunciation is unique and tricky for Celtic names, but there are common names too like Erin. Celtic names are used as unisex too, both for boys and girls. Names like Sean and Quinn are common unisex names. Celtic baby names are a mixture of Irish, Gaelic, Scottish, Welsh names and have a uniquely timeless and magical feel. Presenting a list of Baby Girl names here if you want your baby name to be inspired by the Celtic heritage, know the meanings for a better understanding.

May 1, - Read more: Top most popular Irish language baby names for girls. The meaning is possibly derived from the Celtic word for woman.


Irish Girls Names


50 Uncommon Irish Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings




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