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Best partner gemini woman

In particular, bright, fun, sociable, and carefree are the most suitable words to describe a Gemini woman. In the Horoscope, she belongs to the most intelligent sign. Most men find her attractive because of the cleverness, excellent communication, and charming curiosity. She thinks fast and also speaks fast. There are always two different personality characteristics exist in your body. She can be happy and unpleasant at the same time.

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The Perfect Love Match For A Gemini Woman

Traditional astrologers believe that Geminis are most compatible with Aries , Gemini , Leo , Libra , and Aquarius , and least compatible with Virgo , Scorpio , Capricorn , Sagittarius , and Pisces , but what do the actual marriage and divorce statistics say? Mathematician Gunter Sachs conducted a large-scale study of sun signs, encompassing nearly one million people in Switzerland, which found statistically significant results on a number of measures including marriage and divorce.

Castille conducted a similar study in France using marriage statistics collected between and , which included more than six million marriages. Findings from these studies are summarized below.

Some of these results are surprising because traditional astrologers consider Taurus-Gemini and Taurus-Scorpio very incompatible matches. Perhaps the excitement of passionate clashes keeps things interesting Geminis have low boredom thresholds. The higher-than-average divorce statistic between Gemini men and Capricorn women is unsurprising.

As expected, Geminis are most likely to marry and stay married to other Geminis, probably due to shared attitudes, lifestyle preferences, values, and interpersonal styles. Castille also found that Gemini men are most likely to marry Gemini women. However, the least common marriage partners for Gemini men in France are Pisces women. Astrologers believe these two signs are incompatible, as Pisces tends to be sensitive in many cases over-sensitive while Gemini is can be oblivious to the feelings of others unless his ascendant or moon is in a water sign.

However, it may actually be the similarities between these two signs that create problems. Both can be scattered, erratic, naive, and at times, unrealistic. Each does better with a person who acts as a solid anchor and neither can do this for the other unless their ascendants are in more stable signs. Of course, if the two individuals have very compatible rising signs or moon signs , opposing tendencies will be minimized and the relationship will be much better than expected.

Sachs found that Gemini women are most likely to marry Gemini men, but least likely to marry Tauruses and Scorpios. As for divorce statistics, Gemini women part least often from Gemini men, but divorce Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius men at an above-average rate.

The above-average divorce rates for Gemini women and Sagittarius and Aquarius men may be attributable to the traits these signs share rather than their differences. Although Gemini and Scorpio are considered to be fundamentally incompatible, Gemini men and Scorpio women have a below-average divorce rate, whereas Gemini women and Scorpio men are less likely than average to make it to the altar.

Why do Gemini men and Scorpio women seem to have more sticking power as a pair, on average, than Scorpio men and Gemini women? Of course, there are many other possibilities as well. The marriage rates for Gemini women provide no surprises. At the bottom are two signs prone to jealousy and possessiveness. Typical Geminis are flirtatious and have a tendency to stir the pot when bored, which may trigger flares of temper in fixed earth and water signs.

However, if the rising or moon signs of the two individuals are more compatible, problems will be minimized and these matches can be interesting. Like the Sachs study, the Castille study found the highest rate of marriage between Gemini women and Gemini men. However, the least common marriage partners for Gemini women in France are Pisces men. However, compatible rising signs or moon signs can improve things for this pair by making Gemini more sensitive and intuitive or Pisces more easy going and emotionally detached.

The best match for Geminis of either gender appears to be another Gemini, while the more difficult matches may include Pisces and Capricorn. However, Geminis who find themselves romantically entangled with one of the less compatible signs should not despair. Plenty of relationships and marriages between supposedly incompatible signs have lasted. For example, out of 6,, marriages in the Castille study, there were 1, more marriages between Gemini men and Gemini women than would be expected if sun signs had no effect, whereas between Gemini men and Pisces women, there were fewer marriages than would be expected if pairings were random.

However, there still were many marriages between the supposedly least compatible signs. Astrology is complex, and there is more to take into account than just sun signs. I have found no critiques of the Castille study thus far. For more on Gemini, see the Gemini Personality Profile. To see personality and marriage profiles for all the sun signs, visit the main Astrology page. Good luck!

I spent 32 years with an Aquarius. Hard hard time. Now free to be me. Gemini,with Gemini riseing. Very hard time for me. But now I can be me,Gemini with a Gemini raising. I am now Gemini-Gemini relationship way better. I am a Gemini and I have been married to a Virgo for 6 years with 2 children and we are doing good surprisingly. I used to believe and live by horoscopes until I met him. But I come back and read this stuff and sometimes agree but also laugh.

But I am glad I found my wonderful husband. I have been with a cheating ,lynin Gemini.. I am really unhappy. I want him to change for the better. He was on drugs,and I tried my best to show love. He cheated with a Scop. Just praying for him to wake up because I really do love him. They intrigue me and they are so sexy. My boyfriend is a Gemini and he is awesome! We had a few rocky moments in our relationship, but we got through them and are now stronger then we were before.

I am a Taurus woman and I have been married to a Gemini man for 15 years and we have 2 kids. I have been cheated on, had lack of affection and mental strife. But at the end of the day every relationship takes work. I know he loves me, just like I love him and that is why we keep trying. I am a Gemini with a Libra man and it is an amazing relationship.

Left my horrible taurus ex for libra and so glad i did:. Oh good for you! I need to run and run fast. Glad you found happiness in your second marriage. It gives me hope!!! Aries as well.

I had great experiences with both. My best friend in a Gemini. Gemini woman here!! I am only 20 years old, but i have had many many manyyy relationships.

About 7 to be exact. Now, i am dating a gemini man. Mines a scorpio, itll be 15 years in Nov. We have 3 boys. We fight all the the time.

Hes way jealous, possessive and very manipulative. I wonder whatd it would be like to be with a Gemini???? Hes mot a bad person, he just has alot of issues. I just want to be free and see how it feels to be with someone else or shot just be single and be independent for once. I got with him 16 turning 17 years old. Now here iam about to be Hes always been there, I never got to experience being independent,on my own.

You are so right. I have been with mine for 22years now and 3 kids, oldest is 16 and youngest is 7 and some days I just want to run and never come back but only for the kids! Being a Gemini woman I feel same for those signs. Am an Aquarius man and dating a Gemini lady. I am a Gemini woman I met and fell deeply in love with a Libran man we had a wonderful life. But I had no idea he was a serial cheat, people told me things about him and family to, but I followed my heart. And he bulldozed my heart and I feel he planed.

It he had no heart I forgave forgave. The years went by and he did not want to settle down at all he lied to me every year I believed, we would tie the knot as I was engaged to him, cut a long story short he was no good he cheated on me right through our entire relationships I was younger than he was. But age did not matter. I thought he was a decent man who had morals I believed he came from a stable home I thought his mom and dad.

Was like my parents , no his parents had a weird marriage he was never at home. His mom was always on her own. She was very miserable.


The Gemini woman is one Zodiac sign that is amazing; this is one lady who conquers and captivates with her charm, which is always extremely pronounced — no one can resist her in her constant attempts to get what she wants. The Gemini woman is the ruler of positive energy, and everyone sees her in one way as an attractive woman who can be very smooth and fine, especially when presented to someone for the first time. It is possible that the Gemini woman out of all the Zodiac signs, she is the most capable of showing herself in a positive light. Her ruler is the planet Mercury, and she is an intelligent woman in the first place, her mind is fast, the top class and her views are original and exceptional — people are drawn to her. But as all Gemini people, this woman also can quickly get bored, so she needs constant change, movement and communication to get into the challenge and have fun as much as she would want to.

She is not easy to have a handle on. The wonderful, vibrant, spontaneous Gemini woman expects her partner to share a passion for novelty with her.

The Gemini female is a natural beauty with a dual personality. Geminis are notoriously very social creatures, and they will dazzle everyone they meet. The Gemini female is pretty, witty, and one of the most creative signs of the zodiac. She probably excels at painting, pottery, flower arranging, baking, photography — you name it. And you can bet she sings, plays a musical instrument and is a member of the local drama group too.

Gemini Compatibility

Gemini is a sign of change, which means frequently changing positions, changing locales, and for better or worse changing partners. As a Gemini, you are most attracted to intellect, and in your opinion emotional connections are overrated. So you need a partner who will stimulate your mind and be willing to have chat sessions between the sheets. If you want to keep the Ram thinking lusty thoughts about you, try to turn off your tendency to talk too much. Remember, actions speak louder than words, and this partner is all about getting down and into it right away! Aries has a "me first" philosophy, and this will mean you have to get assertive about demanding your fair share of the stroking and stoking. Although this partner can come off as being demanding and domineering, this behavior can also inspire you to stand up and ask for what you want. In fact, the more you kick and scream, the hotter Aries will become, because this warrior-like creature is all about enjoying the thrill of the conquest. Keep that in mind if you decide to try for a long-term relationship. Your here-for-now, might-not-be-there-later behavior can turn out to be a real turn-on.

Dating a Gemini woman

Vera Rose. Gemini woman love compatibility varies with men from the 12 zodiac signs. Find out how compatible Gemini women are when it comes to love, sex and understanding in relationships. This makes them a good love match, as they will go on adventures, wander off and then come back together.

If you're a person who's smart, clever, independent, self-sufficient, and doesn't need to be in control, Gemini may be your soulmate.

Trusted Psychic Mediums. What are the best Gemini compatibility matches? What signs are the best matches in love, marriage and friendship for Gemini?

The Gemini Woman

Both artsy and curious. These two signs never run out of topics to discuss. Whether it be art history, music, or debating about which festival to hop around to this weekend. This is an exciting pair.

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To discuss Gemini compatibility we need to look at Gemini in combination with each of the other sun signs. Each match has different strong and weak areas and its own quirks and unique features. This shows the typical scores for relationships between Gemini and each of the other sun signs. Click on any combination to explore that match in more detail. The least compatible signs with Gemini are generally considered to be Virgo and Pisces. Comparing sun signs can give a good general idea of compatibility.

Gemini Sexual Compatibility: Fast-Talking and Adaptable in Bed

Gemini is a fun sign that is easy to get along with. Natives of this sign are easy-going and are generally happy whatever they are doing and whoever they are with. Despite this, Gemini compatibility is quite tricky, particularly when it comes to long-term relationships. Natives of this sign are easily bored, and it takes a special person to be able to hold their attention. This article is based on the Gemini Sun sign, without any other considerations. Yet, every person is unique, and so is their astrological profile.

Jan 1, - Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility. Aries. Another great match for Gemini is Aries. While Aries may not be as interested in.

A Gemini woman is two, or more, women rolled into one. Some might argue this is far too much woman altogether, but Geminis are simply who they are, making no apologies for it. The timid, the weak and the timorous need not apply.

Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Most Compatible With A Gemini

Gemini and Aries Nature and Nuances: When two contrasting zodiac signs come Gemini and Cancer Nature and Nuances: Can the ebullient and charming Gemini and Libra Nature and Nuances Libra, the balancer of the zodiac, comes Gemini and Capricorn Nature and Nuances The erratic tendency of the winds

Gemini Soulmate Matches

Traditional astrologers believe that Geminis are most compatible with Aries , Gemini , Leo , Libra , and Aquarius , and least compatible with Virgo , Scorpio , Capricorn , Sagittarius , and Pisces , but what do the actual marriage and divorce statistics say? Mathematician Gunter Sachs conducted a large-scale study of sun signs, encompassing nearly one million people in Switzerland, which found statistically significant results on a number of measures including marriage and divorce. Castille conducted a similar study in France using marriage statistics collected between and , which included more than six million marriages. Findings from these studies are summarized below.

T he symbol of the twins is really a perfect one to represent Gemini, as Gemini natives are said to possess something of a dual nature. Adaptive, communicative, and flexible, Geminis love to talk and interact.

The masculine nature of both signs will certaily not show a lack of initiative Gemini vs. Gemini sounds like a battle of minds, a healthy debate or a clash of ideas. Gemini and Cancer have different views on their emotional and sexual life. Still, if Gemini listens and Cancer gives their partner enough air, this is a wonderful, childish bond, full of excitement and life

Which Star Signs Should Gemini Date?



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