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Information about changes at hospitals and health centres can be found at www. Last updated: 22 April Updated - effective from 30 April until further notice. Last updated: 29 April



How to find a midwife

If there are no LMC midwives available, please contact your local hospital to find out what services they can offer you. When are you due? Search by midwife name. Where do you plan to have your baby? Prefer a Maori Midwife? Prefer a Pasifika Midwife?

Where do you live? Language requirements? Sophie Dillon. Mel Laughton. Siobhan Marks. Corinna Gibbons-Lawrie.

Molly Fryer. Rachel Hoskins. Tania Barrington. Lotus Geluk. Edith Van Zelderen. Victoria Ellis. Jennifer Smith. Debbie Lyth. Lottie Tomokino-Sinclair. Mel Freeman. Ange Hewett. Annabel Bridgman. Hannah Buckby. Yvonne Hiskemuller. Sammie Adams. Joanna O'Brien. Avin Panckhurst. Lucia Clearwater. Sharon Lindley. Sylvia Stewart. Mariah Luxford. Rhianna Mulhern. Bex Tidball. Belinda Marker.

Jin McRobbie. Jodie Lysaght. Wendy Templer. Kendra Short. Annie Valentine. Leticia Johnson. Nichole Muldrock. Shelley Hodges. Lynn Hilden.

Sandy Collins. Michelle Stone. Kirsty O'Connell. Tania Ramsay. Karen Perriam. Janaya Coxon-Smith. Alisha Aravena. Hannah Bowden. Anna Campbell. Rebecca Harris. Wendy MacFarlane. Shorty Thomas. Alana Fowler. Natasha Johns. Maddi Rogers. Davinia Harrison. Sheree Corbett. Christine Thompson. Jan Johnston. Lara Williams. Claire Holmes. Catherine Rietveld. Sheena Ross. Rosie Roberts.

Jackie Snowden. Brenda Mackay. Joanne Gordon. Olivia Hurley. Amanda Small. Kate Nicoll. Sheree Sanchez. Margaret O'Boyle. Tessa Anderson. Valerie Daprini. Sandra Scott. Clare Lyell. Angela Eberhard. Becky Bangma. Adrianne Maule. Ashley Bonham. Gwen Glazzard. Amy Plaisted. Bec Sutherland. Hayley Gimblett. Tania Rountree.

Gabby Tu'itufu. Leianne O'Brien. Jen Stewart. Ashleigh Harding. Lysandra Thomas. Heidi Goebbels. Mary Campbell. Amanda Stoat.

Jayne Huntley.

South Island

We aim to provide high quality care to all women during pregnancy, ensuring that we assist them to have the best outcomes possible. Learn more about what to do when you think you may be pregnant at HealthInfo. When labour occurs prior to 34 weeks we transfer care to the nearest tertiary hospital, usually Christchurch Womens Hospital. Midwifery care provided in the unit includes women admitted antenatally, during labour or postnatally.

Lead Maternity Carers can be midwives, obstetricians or general practitioners with a diploma in obstetrics. LMCs are contracted through the Ministry of Health to provide a complete maternity service to you.

Our practice of midwives are connected by common threads — Love, Respect, Partnership, Legacy. We Love the work we do and feel privileged to join you as you prepare and welcome a new person or persons into your life. Respect takes many forms, we feel that you should make choices about your body so to do this we ensure you are fully informed. Every person is unique and we honour the culture that you bring to your experience with us, we learn as much from you as you do from us. In order to achieve Respect we work in Partnership with you planning each step focusing on quality care through small caseloads, continuity and being woman centered.

Finding a midwife to be your lead maternity carer

If you are unable to find an LMC midwife, preferably contact us via our online form or if needed phone us on Find MW Leave a message and we will ring you back. If you know your NHI hospital number please state it when contacting us. You may register with an LMC as soon as you become pregnant. You may also receive first trimester care up until the 12th week of pregnancy from a GP, even if they are not your LMC. In Wellington, Porirua and Kapiti, if you want a midwife to be your lead maternity carer LMC we encourage you to register early in your pregnancy. A midwife LMC is responsible for your maternity care throughout your pregnancy, birth and until 6 weeks after the birth of your baby. Your GP can arrange pregnancy blood tests and scans and can see you for any concerns. Ask your GP when you should visit them next if you are waiting for confirmation on booking with a midwife.

Professional, friendly, supportive midwifery care in Christchurch

If there are no LMC midwives available, please contact your local hospital to find out what services they can offer you. When are you due? Search by midwife name. Where do you plan to have your baby?

Eddy said Waikato, Auckland and rural areas were particularly affected.

Are you a home birth midwife in New Zealand not listed here? All the midwives listed on our site have specifically registered with us as home birth midwives. Check out our your home birth page for advice and guidance on choosing a midwife, or read about the maternity system in New Zealand here. Having a student midwife at your birth is a wonderful opportunity for them as future midwives, as well as for you and your whanau.

Thousands of women unable to find midwife for Christmas holiday births

The Midwifery Council does not employ or recommend midwives, we do hold the Register of Midwives. Simply type in the name of your midwife, and the Register will show if they have a current practising certificate and other information such as their qualifications and any conditions on their practice. In New Zealand, registration is for life, so midwives remain in the Register even when they are not practising. This is a good option.

The first health professional you see in your pregnancy is required to provide you with information regarding the options you have for an LMC and place of birth. I'm pregnant - what choices do I have about my pregnancy care? To receive free care from an obstetrician you must be referred by a midwife or GP. Guidelines for referring LMCs are available here Private obstetricians can also provide normal maternity care. There are charges for this service An obstetrician will attend part of the labour and birth and shares care in the six weeks following birth with a GP.

Welcome to Rata Midwives

Email: midwife ohbaby. Smale gmx. I'm keen to hear from OHbaby! All Rights reserved. What she said: translating mum-talk Trying to conceive again - secondary infertility Fertility expert's most-frequently asked fertility questions History of pregnancy testing Taking life by the ovaries! Climbing needle mountain When TTC takes over

Talk to a midwife about your pregnancy. If you would like to know more about Garden City Midwives and our midwifery care, you can either complete our online.

Canterbury For a full list of midwives in this region and to refine your search, click here. Sophie Dillon. Mel Laughton. Anna Clark. Siobhan Marks.

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