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Pen Pals from South Korea (Pen Friends)

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Was ist das? Hello traveler! Our cafe is a place where you can make lots of friends regardless of nationality, experience Korean culture and share you English ability. I'm Yoon, the manager here.

I grew up in Europe for some time and speak English as my second language. I am very much used to working with foreigners so if you have any thoughts while or before staying with us, please do feel free to contact me : Our studio is a place where people from all around the world gather up and share cultures, exchange languages.

We are located near Gangnam station in Seoul, Korea. Gangnam is a very active area where there's full of things to do including shopping, drinking. Plus, there's plenty of amazing restaurants where you can enjoy delicious traditional Korean food. Our accommodation is also located near Gangnam station. Seoul is a sleepless city so you can get almost anything you need at anytime without worrying about safety. Our community provides a friendly and casual place for Koreans and foreign travelers to meet, interact with and create opportunities to go hang out and experience Korean culture together.

Also we occasionally host parties where everyone can get together and have a good time! If you can communicate in English with ease, eager to meet new people and discover new culture, you are more than welcome in our studio. Please do note that we don't tend to confirm applications too far in advance, so if your trip is for quite a far away date then its better to contact us closer to the date about one or two months early :.

Since both the studio and accommodation are located in the middle of Gangnam, where every Korean fun place is crammed and so many and diverse people hang around, you are easily able to access this Korean cultural hub and experience what Koreans do usually and mingle with them. So for sure we provide the best place where you can experience Korean culture.

You will learn a lot about Korea. Our students are interested in talking about a range of topics and you really will learn more about Korea than you could in any other place. The area Gangnam is very much foreign-friendly compared to other places in Korea so you will have no problem while your stay.

It is the most used messaging service in Korea. We use it for all of the communication between staff and volunteers. It will also be difficult to make friends without it as most people here use it over other communication services. Since English ability is really important for our program, if you are not a native speaker of English, it is good to tell us about any certificate or test score that you may have earned. We aim to provide a warm and friendly environment where volunteers from all countries are able to meet Korean friends and share their own cultures, experiences, ideas, and languages.

The vibe in the studio is easy-going and informal as volunteers will have English conversation and create opportunities for Koreans to improve English while talking with volunteers. While you are talking with Koreans, you will be expected to do whatever might help them to improve English such as asking questions, giving some conversational expression or idioms, correcting their mistakes and so on.

We have a hostel style accommodation. A bed is provided for each volunteer. We currently have 2 accommodations near Gangnam - Dorm 1 is 5 minutes from the workplace. It holds a maximum of 12 people at one time but usually around It usually holds around 8 people. Dorms have 1 bathroom and kitchen each. It is up to the community of the house to keep it clean and tidy. At least 2 to at most 6 of you will share one room together.

We provide: Free WiFi, laundry machine, cooking utensils, bowls and dishes, fridge, hair dryer, etc. Basic foods rice, bread, ramen, salt, sugar, soy sauce, cooking oil, butter Shampoo, body wash, and laundry detergent. Please note that if you are applying as a pair, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to give you the same helping days or the same days off.

We will schedule you for the first week of your arrival. You will be able to make your own schedule starting from the week after you arrive. You can choose afternoon shift pmpm or evening shift 6pmpm. You are expected to help 5 shifts per week. You can choose your day off. Korrekte Angaben im Profil: 4. Kultureller Austausch: 4. Kommunikation: 4.

South Korea. Werde heute Mitglied der Workaway-Community und erlebe einzigartige Reiseerfahrungen bei mehr als Share your language, culture and make Korean friends in Gangnam, Seoul. Bisher mal gespeichert. Host Bewertung. Freunde bei facebook. Beschreibung Hello traveler! Arten von Arbeit Hausarbeiten Sprachen praktizieren Unterrichten. Unterkunft We have a hostel style accommodation.

Was noch Etwas mehr Information Internet Zugang. This was my first workaway experience and it was absolutely amazing. I stayed for 6 weeks and enjoyed every second of it.

Talking to Koreans in the language studio was always fun and I had the opportunity to make some great friends there. It's a good way to get in touch with the locals and it often happens that you hang out with the locals you … read more meet in the studio.

Since you live together with your coworkers you will also make some great friends from all over the world. I stayed in both dorms and was always lucky with the people I've met. I definitely made some friends for life. I also a big "Thank You" to the managers of the Language Studio. They always were really kind and were always there for us if there was a problem. I really appreciate it. I highly recommend this experience to everyone. Had an amazing time in Seoul.

Definitely coming back. Thank you for everything. I worked in the Gangnam branch for 2 months and my experience there was absolutely amazing. The managers Yoon and MJ are very nice and kind. The work was fun talking to Korean locals about their life and dreams.

Most of the time I got to hangout with the customers outside of the cafe. I made so many friends from this experience and recommend … read more anybody interested in learning about Korean culture to consider working at this English Cafe. The location of the dorm is very convenient where everything is walking distance.

I got to better understand korean modern life and culture while also sharing great experiences with all the other volunteers! Thanks to the staff who was very open and helpful. Even though accomodation could be improved and better managed, I would … read more recommend this place to anyone whishing to discover Seoul! Sergio has been always nice to us and customers. Really appreciate the effort and would love to take him back if comes back to Korea.

It would be a mistake if you don't take him to your place :. Jan is a wonderful volunteer to have as a host. Very cooperative and knows how to work as a team. It would be a mistake if you don't take him to your place.

This was the first, and only, language cafe I have volunteered with but it was such a positive experience that it's convinced me to look for them again in the future. Yoon was a great manager and always made sure we were in the loop and that our dorms were stocked.

The dorm was in a constant state of mess. The mess is just from years of volunteers … read more coming and going. At the end of the day though the dorm's just a place to sleep and hang out with other volunteers so no complaints.

It was really fun talking to the customers, many spoke fairly or just very good english and were repeat customers during my stay. I think I learnt the most about day to day Korean life and culture from the customers at the cafe as we talked about their day, values, and goals. The flexibility of an evening or mid day shift meant I could do tons of sight seeing and day trips around Seoul, even on my volunteer days. You always get your days off and I never had to work over hours. Thank you Yoon for a great time in Seoul and for managing such a smooth workaway.

I worked away for 3 weeks at the Hongdae location. Dennis who manages the location was very sweet, helpful, and kind. He met us at the location at 10pm when we arrived from the airport which I felt was above and beyond.

Korean Friends

I'm using Kakao Talk. It is the most beautiful instant messaging app that I have ever used so far. It's more like other available popular instant messaging applications but way better with so many rich features.

KakaoTalk is the leading messenger app in South Korea. South Koreans do practically everything on it—talk to friends, catch up on the news and find out the latest about their K-idols. They even do online shopping and play games on the Kakao platform.

Account Options Sign in. The winner of the Global Rev. Sora Yang also explores her own identity as a Korean and an Australian. Jung-Im Jeong, a Student Council secretary at Canadian International School in India and the president of Bangalore Korean Presbyterian Church Youth Group in India, who is one of the early Korean settlers in Bangalore, India, due to her father's executive responsibilities in the IT sector, writes about the situation in India in terms of culture, economics, and society. Jung-Im Jeong focuses on how she developed into a leader desiring to help the people of India and also other people in need around the world.

How To Meet Korean Friends Online

What better way to cure your sorrows than to make local Korean friends! Note for Korea residents: Making friends in Korea is the same anywhere in the world. Most people, just like you, make friends at school, work at the gym, etc.. But if the people around you are only non-Koreans, it might be harder to make local Korean friends. So we suggest being active , and of course friendly. Join a yoga class, a salsa dance group, a scarf knitting interest group, a photography club for taking pictures of cats. Just anything to be in a position to meet people. But in addition to tours, these people also offer their oh so valuable friendship. Checkout friendsinkorea. Their hang outs range from eating food and drinking coffee to drinking beer and going clubbing.

Top 5 Apps and Websites to meet Korean friends online

The Basics What is a language exchange? Why do a language exchange? How to do a language exchange? Sign up now - add your free profile!

It was our last night in Seoul.

Authored by: Nico L. Most recently, we even designed phones at a DIY phone case cafe in Hongdae. We hope to spend time studying together for midterms this upcoming week!

KakaoTalk: 7 Ways to Use It to Learn the Korean Language

There are hundreds of Koreans waiting to become your new Korean friend at KoreanCupid. You can meet your Korean friend through our numerous entries of Korean personals. You can meet and make as many Korean friends as you like there are no limits.

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Was ist das? Hello traveler! Our cafe is a place where you can make lots of friends regardless of nationality, experience Korean culture and share you English ability. I'm Yoon, the manager here. I grew up in Europe for some time and speak English as my second language.

Getting to Know Korea with Korean Friends

Account Options Sign in. Jenny Pak. Current models of acculturation in multicultural counseling literature are severely limited in describing how individuals deal with the complexity of culture change. The reasons for immigration, the historical period during which the immigration occurred, educational and socioeconomic levels, ethnic community and religious involvements, family functioning, and social support, to name a few, all have an impact in the process of cultural adaptation. This book examines Korean American women's dual-cultural identity. By utilizing multiple case studies, the book highlights: 1 the complexity of issues involved as individuals go through different levels of culture change, and 2 the multiplicity of people negotiating their lives in the dual-cultural context and creating meaning out of many ambiguous and even contradictory life situations.

That fact was quite interesting to me. cause I thought there are tons of people who want to be their friend on friend-making apps like meeff or hellotalk. (I'm not sure.

Regardless of race, language, or nationality, you can find your potential best friends here. From K-pop, K-drama and movies, to Korean food, feel free to share your interest with your Korean friends! From your neighborhood to the other side of the world, there is no limit in the distance. Until you find your right friends, feel free to browse, feel free to talk with them!

How to Make Korean Friends in Korea

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Earth Trekkers

Last Updated on May 9, Below, we will introduce you to a few great means through which you too can immediately make Korean friends online! There are some fantastic sites and apps that will help you meet Koreans, both inside and outside of Korea. Can't read Korean yet?

The easiest way to make your unforgettable local experience as your way. Quite surprise and overwhelmed being the first individual who experienced their new customized service.

Are you Interested in Korea? Do you want to learn Korean? Do you want to make pen pals for Koreans? Join 'Korean Friends' application!

Share your language, culture and make Korean friends in Gangnam, Seoul



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