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Girl meets world fanfiction maya killed

He takes the subway, a rarity for him, but he reasons that he has enough to think about without the distraction of driving a car. He goes towards Farkle's house first, the farthest, in the nicest area of New York. He figures that the distance will be enough so that he can figure out what to say. Luckily, or unluckily, Farkle has plenty to say.

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Chet Hunter

I was lying in my bed, slowly but surely waking up. Mom must have yelled for me to wake up at least six times by now. At this point, I knew she was being serious so I managed to tiredly lift my back up off the bed. I stretched my arms up and yawned before turning around so that my feet were dangling off the bed. Soon enough, I touched my feet to the ground and stood up. I slowly walked on over to my closet and opened it, looking at a variety of dresses, along with several outer outfits.

Consciously, I chose one of my most favorite dresses in the whole wide world and got it off of the hanger. Then I went over to my dresser and picked out the rest of my clothes. After doing that, I went into the bathroom and started to get changed into my outfit.

Are you up? Breakfast's ready! I'm getting dressed, be down in a minute! I then got myself the rest of the way dressed and made my venture down the stairs. After I got down the flight of stairs, I looked to the dining room table to see mom, daddy, and Auggie all sitting there. They seemed to already been eating breakfast. I then greeted all of them with a wide smile. Auggie was the first to respond. He was so adorable with his innocent little smile.

How are you today? I giggled a little at his enthusiasm. I then kneeled down to his level so it'd be easier to talk to him. How are you? I had a smile on my face for the entire time.

And, to him, I guess I was. Well, besides Mom and Dad, of course. He'd always been real close to them, in all of his five years of living. I then noticed Mom turning her head towards me. She opened her mouth almost immediately after my encounter with Auggie. Oatmeal's out on the stove. I nodded my head and shouted quickly. After that, I went over to the stove and looked at the pot of oatmeal. It was still piping hot! I carefully grabbed the large spoon which was inside of the pot and scooped up a spoonful of the oatmeal.

I got about another spoonful or two of oatmeal before returning to the table. Everything was basically quiet there for awhile besides the sound of everyone eating or Mom and Dad sipping away at their coffee. I, however, was just silently eating my oatmeal. It seemed like it was just way too early for me to be able to function properly today.

I mean, usually I'm all awake and alert, but today, not so much. But whatever, I guess I just didn't get enough sleep last night. I came to noticed that there was a concerned look on his face. He must've really noticed I wasn't as chipper as my usual self. Just a little tired is all. I'd gotten to the bottom of the bowl within five to ten minutes. By the time I had finished, I happened to hear a familiar buzzing sound.

I heard her let out a quiet yawn before I gave her a spoken response. I then pressed the buzzer which would open the door right away. With that, Maya came right into our apartment.

Together, the two of us walked right over to the breakfast table. We then sat right down beside each other. Mom looked towards her and decided to talk. Go get yourself some. She obviously must have thought that she was just offering some to her. But that wasn't the case. Mom had always been somewhat strict about Maya, or anyone else for that matter, coming over before leaving for school. It was clear she didn't even want any to begin with. But mom, she didn't care.

She wanted us to have a good, healthy breakfast before we went to school. Mom figured that neither of us actually ate the disgusting cafeteria food half of the time. Well, Maya actually ate the food but that's enough blabbering out of me. Maya went over to the stove and got herself some oatmeal before returning to the seat next to me. She ate the contents of her bowl slowly and I, being the great friend that I am, just waited patiently for her to finish.

She then turned to me and nodded. With that, we both got up from our seats and started to head for the front door. But not without looking over to my family. We walked out to the street and noticed it was raining. I was practically drenched by the pouring rain. It really was a shame that we didn't bring an umbrella with us cuz I was absolutely freezing! But yeah, we walked for what seemed like an hour, but in all reality, it was probably no more than thirty minutes. After those long minutes of walking in the pouring rain, Maya and I finally got to the subway station.

We showed the workers our passes and they let us through to get on the subway. We had to wait and wait for about ten to fifteen minutes until everyone who was going on the subway was boarded. So within a minute or two, I felt the subway start to move. But, something about the subway just seemed a bit off.

It was making some weird sounds which were really starting to freak me out. The subway.. Don't worry about it, alright?

It just wasn't working though. I was still freaking out very much, inside and out. I decided I would just stay sitting there nervously. But then I saw a flame ignite from afar. I knew it wasn't just 'nothing' now. Her eyes instantly widened with fear, which was really strange considering that she was normally really brave. I made an attempt to hold onto her but I didn't have much luck.

The force of the explosion sent me flying through a nearby window. I felt glass shards pierce my skin, along with a horrible burning sensation that took over my entire body. I came to a realization: My entire body caught on fire. This was probably the least of my problems if I was to be totally honest because soon the subway tumbled over, crushing every bone in my entire body. My world faded into darkness as the last bit of my consciousness had slipped away.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Riley and Maya are seriously injured in an accident while riding on the subway. This leaves Cory, along with Topanga, worried sick for they've got no idea whether they're going to be okay or not. Rated T for severe character trauma and mentions of blood and severe trauma.

Written in the first person point of view of various characters. Riley's POV: I was lying in my bed, slowly but surely waking up. After finishing her breakfast, I happened to look at the clock to notice it was AM. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5.

Riley felt the breeze pushing her hair back. The scene before her described her mood; sad. As she walked through the cemetery, she felt her heart pound faster with each step she took. It's been a week since her funeral and she still hasn't visited her.

I brush my uncontrollable curly brown hair, in an attempt to tame the wildness in which it held. I wince in frustation as I feel my brush catch in the bottom of my hair. I growl before grabbing the bobble of my wrist and throwing my hair into a somewhat acceptable bun.

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting anything for my other stories for a while but I'll try to update within this week. This is story is slightly darker than my other ones because I was feeling a little depressed so I started writing this. I hope you guys like it. Don't forget to Favourite and Review.

The world outside the glass was slate gray, a wall of water descending from the skies, accompanied by the occasional flicker of lightning or crash of thunder that made the sky light up and the walls of the little apartment rattle. Even from inside, the girl was well aware of the bone-chilling cold. She cupped her hand above her eyes and peered through the window, into the rain. She could just barely make out the sign of the Bunny Mart across the rain drops pelted the glass with almost rhythmic timing as she willed the storm to relinquish its icy grip on the city. The hope died from her ocean blue eyes as she realized. She frowned, aware that the noises from the storm were drowning out the comforting sounds of the bustling city that usually met her ears. She had always liked those sounds. There was something about them that was all soothing. They reminded her that she wasn't alone.

Chet Hunter was a character in Boy Meets World. Chet is Shawn's deceased father. He died of a heart attack in the sixth season of Boy Meets World, but continued to appear as a spirit until the end of the series, and appeared as such in Girl Meets World. Shawn Hunter 's father, was often referred to, but did not physically appear in Boy Meets World until the end of the second season. Chet constantly kept reappearing and disappearing in Shawn's life.

I feel as if I have drowned into a pool of darkness.

I was lying in my bed, slowly but surely waking up. Mom must have yelled for me to wake up at least six times by now. At this point, I knew she was being serious so I managed to tiredly lift my back up off the bed.

I am fifteen years old. For the first time in fifteen years, I have a home, not just a place to live. This is my story.

I sat on my bed looking out the window at the rain. I had refused to go sit in the bay window ever since…. My Maya, my sister, the most important person in the world to me had indeed ended her life. I hadn't been back to school in the last week. I was in a trance of pain and misery but i got sucked out of that trance when my mother knocked on the door. She slowly opened the door and walked in.

Well hello there guys! So I found a place in Mexico that has WiFi. I know its not as good as it could've been but I just wanted this one done so I could start the good stuff. Anyways here's the chapter. Riley paced back and forth in the waiting room sweat trickling down her forehead. She was scared. Three hours have passed and still no news on Maya or Katy. She was with Farkle, Lucas, and her parents.

Aug 13, - "Maya," Riley interrupted. "I was there. I heard what you said about Lucas being my brother." Maya's eyes shot up to meet hers. "You did?".

AN: Thank you so much for all of your kind words and encouragement with my first story! This is my second Rucas one shot, which is much shorter and simpler because I attempted to stop the triangle before it started. I have this idea in my head to "kill" the triangle in various episodes, so this might become a series of one shots. We'll see. Hope you enjoy!

Cory Matthews watched his daughter inside Mrs. Taylor's office after she left, sadly. He knew how hard she was taking the whole Maya situation. He could only imagine the pain and emotions that she must be feeling.

Hey, guys! Pebblemist here with a new story! I am in no way abandoning my other stories, don't worry. But because of school and stuff, I might not be updating as fast.

I'm sorry i was not active but recently i was diagnosed with the same illness my mum has and forced her to replace her bone joins with iron made ones

Maya's clammy palms shook nervously as she jiggled the spraycan. Sunday night resulted to spraypainting instead of staying home and playing board games with Gammy Hart. Gammy went to sleep early. She caught the sniffles from the snow outside. Katy Hart, Maya's mother, would soon get the sniffles, resulting to a fever.

Throughout her life, Maya Hart would constantly ask herself why things happened the way they did. Why did her father leave? Why did her face always inherit an insane amount of pimples before her period? Why could Riley always see the good in her when she couldn't see it in herself? She asked herself questions like these and more importantly, wondered if she did anything to deserve them happening in the first place.


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