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Anime has given us some of the most incredible characters we could imagine. It is time to pay our respects to some of the most handsome and beautiful men from these movies and series. Hopefully their looks might motivate you to watch more Anime. Note that they are in no order, how can you rate such different characters anyways?

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50 Hottest and Sexiest Anime Guys

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Have you ever been with a ginger guy? If not, maybe you should. With locks of red hair framed by a stunning smile, many of them left me speechless. Much of this can be traced to stereotypes; things that are simply untrue. Examples include guys with red hair having small peens or being bad in bed. None the less, the rumors continue. Still not sure about a red headed man? This one is simple. Ginger guys have super-hot beards that actually match the hair on their head.

Talk to your friends. Find out their experiences with red headed guys in bed. According to research, ginger men are like most men when it comes to size, meaning it varies. Was he tiny? As a result, many of them have developed an amazing sense of humor. When you talk to a red headed guy, take note of how straight forward he is.

It doesn't matter if the ginger guy you know has blue, green or brownish eyes. The end result is always HOT. Think of men like John F. Kennedy, Prince Harry and Thomas Jefferson. All share the common bond of having various shades of red hair. Smart men with natural born leadership skills.

Ever see a ginger guy in jeans and a t-shirt? Enough said. Trying to step up my freckle game. Don't worry, mom. Because ginger guys tend to have light skin, they are more prone to freckles due to hyperpigmentation. In fact, some ginger guys look extra hot with them! After years of being bullied at school for being different than their non-redheaded counterparts, ginger guys have learned to stand tall because they know who they are.

And only. That factoid makes ginger guys unique. In turn, many have developed a sense of compassion and empathy for others. Have you ever walked by a ginger guy and sensed a mysterious vibe? And when you are in bed with one and he whispers sweet nothings into your ear, it will totally rock your world. This makes them strong. The next time you are servicing a ginger guy, take a moment to look up and glance into his eyes. Somewhat of a stereotype but in my experience, many ginger guys are versatile.

This could be because these men have learned to go with the flow and adapt to whatever circumstances they encounter. Have any of them been arrogant? Did they come off as stuck up? Thought so. When in the presence of a ginger guy, note their ability to magically pull you in with their charm.

Men with red hair can be hairy or smooth. For some strange reason, these guys have silky soft skin that will drive you nuts!

Feeling a little blue? Down in the dumps? Put a bearded ginger guy in a pair of jeans and a flannel and take note of your reaction. Be sure to vote in our Ginger guy poll. If you don't see it above, you can use this link to access.

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The Hottest Male Redheads

All the hottest redheads in entertainment and pop culture in one list of famous red head men. These sexy redheads include some of the best actors of all time , the most talented athletes and, clearly, some of the greatest celebrity hair styles for men. These are all the sexy ginger men you could ever want in one list of celebrity redhead men.

By Olivia Fleming for MailOnline. I want to show that they're not. Scroll down for video.

Oscar Wilde said once of people with red hair: "I am simultaneously amused and aroused by them. Males have traditionally been cast as the goofball, the joker Ron Weasley, Archie, Ralph in Happy Days and seldom the heart-throb. Females are typecast as the fiery temptress, the hot-blooded vixen Jessica Rabbit, Ginger Spice, Joan Holloway in Mad Men and must endure being asked whether the carpet matches the drapes by strangers yes, you moron, if the hair isn't dyed. A few years ago, you wouldn't find any male redheads on modelling agency books and the world's biggest sperm agency, the Danish Cryos International, was turning away red-headed sperm donors, telling the Daily Mail i n that there wasn't demand for them. Now, every modelling agency has at least one red-haired male on their books, if not more, and sperm agencies such as Australian-based Co-ParentMatch say they can't keep up with demand for the rare gene.

34,802 Red Hair Man stock pictures and images

Ginger men might not be in high demand but the reality is their fiery hair and passionate personalities make them a freakin' good catch. FYI they're actually smokin' hot. We know the whole objectification thing is wrong but this is about giving credit where credit's LONG overdue. You'll see Ginger guys have a hard time of it. So much so that there's been talks of whether 'gingerism' is as bad a racism. It's not by the way.

425 Red Hair Man Shirtless stock pictures and images

By placing ginger guys in this positive light, Thomas hopes to reinvent the stereotype surrounding red-headed men. As far as I can see, no one has focused or noticed the huge, polarised gap between the way our society perceives red-headed women often the ultimate woman — think Jessica Rabbit and red-headed males often emasculated and de-sexualised in film and TV — no Hollywood heroes — no leading men. No other hair colour has this level of gender inequality in any society, and RED HOT holds a mirror up to the pre-conceived limitations we put on the red-headed males. Ultimately, he wants to start a dialogue that encourages red-headed boys and prevents bullying.

Have you ever been with a ginger guy?

Gingers have historically had to put up with a lot of shit, but the crimson tides are turning. Presently, thanks in large part to Ed Sheeran unfortunately , all signs seem to further suggest that redheaded men will continue to procreate and fulfill their genetic duty to keep the fire burning. Obviously, for ginger men in particular, this newfound confidence is in many ways still kindling after centuries of ginger hate. The Tudor chronicler Richard Stanyhurst would have seen it as proof-positive that somewhere in my past I had bastardly Scythian blood; while 19th-century anthropologists would have seen it as a sign that my ancestors had been Vikings.

40+ Eye-Catching Red Hair Men’s Hairstyles (Ginger Hairstyles)

Here we go, ladies! Not only are they easy on the eyes, but they are also quite talented too. So, what are we waiting for?


Red hair men can basically do nothing to stand out from the crowd, as their flamboyant hair color does the job. Though, if you were blessed with ginger locks and want to bring your look to the highest level, we have some amazing ideas to try. From elegant and neat to ruffian and messy, men with red her can pull off any hairstyle. Although a crew cut hair style is quite short, it still allows you to flash your luxurious locks. Besides, it exposes your facial features. Hence, if you want to emphasize them, opt for such a cut.

18 (More) of the Hottest Redhead Men You Have Ever Seen

If you rock ginger hair, you might be wondering what sort of hairstyles will bring the most out of your hair. Combining a slight slicked back pompadour with a side part, this look is traditional and timeless. This hairstyle is especially suited to fine or thin hair——the layering and combing creates all the fullness you need. This cut keeps everything short and low maintenance. Clipped sides ascend to a short but lively side-swept fringe. Tease your hair with serious gusto for this hairstyle. This eye-catching look makes use of a full head of hair for a style that will stand out wherever you go.

The stereotype of male attractiveness has always been tall, dark and handsome. But while that guy is off topping up his tan or dying over the greys that detract.

By Olivia Fleming for MailOnline. I want to show that they're not. Scroll down for video. In his first solo exhibition, opening September 3 at New York's BOSI gallery, Mr Knights has captured 40 red headed American men to challenge long-held stereotypes, and prove that they can be leading-man material. It is often said that between one per cent and two per cent of the world's population, or 70 to million people, have red hair.

The Best Hairstyles For Red Hair Men To Always Look Rad

The stereotype of male attractiveness has always been tall, dark and handsome. But while that guy is off topping up his tan or dying over the greys that detract from his perceived allure, a pasty, freckled, fiery rival is busy usurping him. That's right, the brunette man's monopoly on handsomeness is under siege from an unlikely candidate: the ginger.






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