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How to find a big mansion in minecraft

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to teleport to the Woodland Mansion in minecraft! No mods.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Fastest Way To Find End Cities/ Strongholds & Mansions in Minecraft

The best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds

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Woodland mansions are special structures found in dark forests. They are highly anticipated to explore because they are inhabited by the illagers and are one of the only reliable ways to find the totem of undying the other way is to kill evokers spawned from raids , an extremely useful item that can save you from death.

This makes woodland mansions a great place to go before fighting bosses. Exploring a mansion requires a lot of preparation, but not everyone has the same skills. So depending on how skilled you are, different preparations may be needed. The following is a suggested collection of equipment you might need:. Use your sword preferably diamond or netherite to take out the vindicators and evokers in the mansion, as well as normal nighttime enemies you may encounter along the journey to the mansion.

You should enchant your sword with Sharpness IV or V, to deal as much damage as possible. To prevent your sword from breaking, you should add Unbreaking to it as well. Looting allows you to obtain more emeralds as drops from vindicators and evokers. Fire Aspect sets your enemies on fire, and cause them to take damage over time. Knockback is also recommended, because it allows you to knock them over ledges if possible.

Use a bow as your secondary weapon, for taking out enemies from a distance, or to take out vexes that the evoker may summon. Along the journey to the mansion, it can be used to take out phantoms. You should enchant your bow with Power V, to deal as much damage as possible, Flame , to set your enemies on fire, and Infinity , so that you don't run out of arrows while exploring.

To give your bow more durability, you should add Unbreaking to it as well. Punch is also recommended, but not required. Flame makes the arrows more visible, which is useful for taking out enemies in the dark.

You can also use harming arrows or poisoned arrows to deal more damage. If you don't want to use a bow, a crossbow is a great alternative. The advantages of a crossbow is that it has a longer range and can deal more damage than a regular bow. However, a crossbow cannot be enchanted with Infinity , so it is possible to run out of arrows while using it.

But if you do want to use a crossbow, you should enchant it with Quick Charge III, to be able to reload quicker, and Piercing IV, which allows the fired arrow to pass through mobs. This makes it possible for you to kill multiple illagers at the same time. To give the crossbow more durability, you should add Unbreaking to it as well.

Armor is absolutely necessary to wear when you explore a mansion, because the vindicator has the strongest direct attack of any mob in the game, and the evoker is also extremely powerful. Therefore, you should wear a full set of diamond armor, enchanted with Protection IV. Thorns is also recommended, because it damages your enemies when they attack you.

However, Thorns has a high enchantment weight, so be sure to add Unbreaking to your armor as well. A pickaxe preferably diamond is highly recommended to have when you explore a mansion. It can be used to break into secret rooms that have loot in them.

The secret rooms have no entrance initially, so you need to break in. However, most secret rooms are hidden by cobblestone , so you need a pickaxe. You should enchant your pickaxe with Efficiency IV or V, to break into the secret rooms quickly. And Silk Touch is necessary to reclaim your ender chest. An axe preferably diamond can also be used to break into secret rooms, because they can also be covered in wood. It is recommended to enchant your axe with Efficiency IV or V, to break in quickly.

Your axe can also be used to collect dark oak saplings in the farm room, if you don't have any already, or bookshelves in the library and some conference rooms. Fortune can also help you collect new saplings from new biomes along the journey. The easiest way to get to a mansion is to generate a world using a seed that causes a mansion to generate near a spawn point. In Bedrock Edition , the seed picker offers such a seed. Otherwise, mansions are typically thousands of blocks away.

To get to a faraway mansion, you need a source of transportation. You can easily walk or ride a horse , but the most efficient method is to fly with an elytra. However, it can be found only in end cities. Because the journey to the mansion is extremely long, it takes a massive toll on your elytra's durability, so it is almost necessary to enchant it with Unbreaking III and Mending , but it can be enchanted only on an anvil using enchanted books.

Mending allows your elytra to self-repair when you collect XP. If you add Unbreaking III and Mending to your elytra, it becomes indestructible, because it loses durability and self-repairs at roughly the same rate.

However, if you need to repair your elytra in an emergency, kill some phantoms , get at least four phantom membranes , and combine your elytra with the membranes in your anvil. On its own, the elytra is more like a glider, because it is extremely difficult to gain height with just the elytra.

When combined with firework rockets , the elytra actually behaves more like a jetpack. When you are flying, the fireworks boost your speed and allow you to fly faster. You can also easily gain height with boosted flight speed.

However, if your rockets are equipped with a firework star , they produce a colorful explosion, but you take 8 damage when you use one, so avoid adding firework stars to your rockets. The flight duration of your rockets is measured in seconds for example, flight duration 1 propels you for one second.

You should bring at least 15 stacks of rockets, because of the long trip to the mansion and back. You can receive significant damage when exploring the mansion, so healing items are absolutely necessary. Golden apples are the most efficient healing item, because they provide Absorption , which protects you from most damage while you heal, and they stack unlike potions , so bring at least 10 of these.

But golden apples are not enough, so you should also bring at least six healing potions and regeneration potions. Enchanted apples can heal you more than regular ones, but they are extremely rare, so save them for emergencies, and use regular golden apples otherwise.

You can get the totem of undying in the mansion, dropped by the evoker. It can be used in emergencies, and prevents you from dying. To use it, simply place it in your left hand, and ignore that it is even there.

When you take fatal damage, the totem explodes and causes an animation of fireworks, which resurrects you and provides you with Regeneration and temporary Absorption. However, save the totems and use golden apples or potions to heal yourself, because the totems are very rare.

There should never be a time when you do not have food with you. Bread and steak are some of the most nutritious foods possible, so bring at least five stacks of either of these. You can also collect bread from village blacksmith chests, or you can collect wheat from village farms to make some.

You can also bring cake , in case you need to eat immediately, so you can just place it down and start to eat without any delay. However, cake is not nourishing, so unless you need to eat at that exact moment, it is better to eat more nutritious food. Golden apples and enchanted apples can also restore food points, but they are mainly used as healing items. Eat your normal food if you do not have full saturation, and use only golden apples when you take damage. Potions are highly recommended to have when you explore a mansion, to enhance your performance.

Strength potions , invisibility potions , and swiftness potions can be extremely useful. When you use an invisibility potion, mobs can still see you if you are wearing your armor. To stay safe, take off all of your armor before drinking it, and put it back on at least 30 seconds before the effect expires. Potions can also be used for emergency healing because you take a lot of damage from enemies in the mansion. Healing potions and regeneration potions are different because healing potions heal you instantly, and regeneration potions heal you gradually.

However, both of them are great healing items, so bring at least six of each type of potion. Blocks are also useful to have when you explore a mansion. Harder blocks such as cobblestone are better than softer blocks. If you land with your elytra along the journey, you can build a tower and take off again. In the mansion, blocks can be used to build a defensive wall against enemies. You can also build a tower to avoid attacks by vindicators. However, this method is ineffective with evokers, since their fangs can go on top of your pillar, and the evoker may summon vexes that can fly and attack you, so it is best to build a wall between you and the evoker to protect yourself.

An ender chest is almost necessary to have because it can store items that you do not use to explore the mansion. It can be reclaimed only by using a Silk Touch pickaxe. You should make two of them, one to leave at your base, and one to take with you on the journey. All ender chests in the world, including in different dimensions, are interconnected.

So even if you die in the mansion, all of the items in your ender chest remain safe. After raiding the mansion, you can put all your items inside shulker boxes inside the ender chest, and suicide to come back home.

Shulker boxes can be extremely useful to have, as they can provide additional storage along with your ender chest. To make one, you need a normal chest and two shulker shells , which are dropped by shulkers. However, shulkers can be found naturally only in end cities. But since the elytra can be found there as well, you can get your elytra and the shells on the same trip.

Bring at least three shulker boxes, so that you can store different things. For example, you can store your chest loot in one box and new plants in another. Ender pearls are not required to explore the mansion with, but they are highly recommended. Along the journey, if your elytra breaks while you are flying, you should throw an ender pearl to the ground to break your fall so that you don't die.

Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Ah, the majestic and mysterious Woodland Mansion! Found only in the deep darkness of the Roofed Forest, these gigantic structures started appearing in Minecraft after the 1. Since they spawn so rarely, though, they can be seriously tricky to find.

Woodland mansions are special structures found in dark forests. They are highly anticipated to explore because they are inhabited by the illagers and are one of the only reliable ways to find the totem of undying the other way is to kill evokers spawned from raids , an extremely useful item that can save you from death. This makes woodland mansions a great place to go before fighting bosses.

Dark Forest Dark Forest Hills. What are the Illagers doing in that dark, secluded mansion of theirs? With its Redstone jails, elaborate altars and hidden rooms housing strange obsidian structures - it really seems like they are plotting something. They are one of the only places where illagers spawn naturally the others being patrols , raids , and pillager outposts or where a totem of undying can be obtained from evokers , who drop them, also spawn in raids.

Magnificent Mansion

Hey everyone! So thanks to him, I made this mansion. When I say mansion, I mean mansion. Seriously, it took me more than seven hours to build! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. First, we will build the base of our mansion. Lay down twenty-five 25 stone bricks. I used stone bricks, but you can use any type.

Woodland Mansion

Looking to build your own Minecraft mansion? Be warned: creating your own resplendent complex is a daunting undertaking. First things first, you need to learn how to build a house in Minecraft. Once you've got that down, and you've outgrown your nondescript two-up two-down, you may well be starting to think about taking your next step on the property ladder.

Are you looking for the best Minecraft PE seeds? Need the best Minecraft Bedrock Edition seeds?

It looks a treat from the outside, is equally beautiful on the inside, and I can just imagine sipping hot chocolate next to that roaring fire, looking out at that gorgeous garden Anyway, back to writing this article in the expired mayonnaise factory where I actually live. Paulzero has signature features that are consistent through all of his manor builds, such as the vast amount of details and the broad windows. A clever technique to make the whole build look more even, but I also think it creates an interesting spectrum, as the man-made parts gradually fade out into a fully natural area of trees and grass.

Minecraft 1.11: How to Find Woodland Mansions



10 Epic Woodland Mansion Seeds for Minecraft 1.11.2


Install buildings right on your Minecraft map! There are many categories: houses, mansions, medieval, creations, ships, castles, pixel-arts, statues. This builder  Rating: - ‎, votes - ‎Free - ‎Android - ‎Entertainment.


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