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Updated: April 9, References. Luckily, you can overcome that challenge by looking for people with the same interests as you and by being friendly when you meet new people. Also, participate in extracurricular clubs and events whenever you get the chance, since that will help you meet people outside of class! For instance, you could join a club or a group based on your favorite hobby. Also, pay attention to people who spend their free time doing the same things you love to do. Keep reading for tips on how to use open-ended questions to keep a conversation going!

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Updated: April 9, References. Luckily, you can overcome that challenge by looking for people with the same interests as you and by being friendly when you meet new people. Also, participate in extracurricular clubs and events whenever you get the chance, since that will help you meet people outside of class! For instance, you could join a club or a group based on your favorite hobby. Also, pay attention to people who spend their free time doing the same things you love to do.

Keep reading for tips on how to use open-ended questions to keep a conversation going! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 27 references.

Learn more Explore this Article Identifying Potential Friends. Striking up a Friendship. Being Friendly. Show 1 more Show less Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Look for people who have the same hobbies as you. Try to find clubs or groups based on your favorite hobbies, then join them to meet like-minded people. Ask your favorite teachers if they can recommend any academic clubs for you to join!

These can include debate teams, clubs for entrepreneurs, or a math quiz team. Spend time around people who show kindness. Finding someone who will treat you well and support you is more important than popularity. Avoid spending time with people who talk bad about others or put them down. Instead, look for people who invite others to sit with them at lunch, who encourage others when they speak up in class, or who are always willing to help when someone needs a hand.

A friend should never make you feel bad for being who you are. You should feel like the other person supports and respects you. Make new friends through your current friends. This can be as informal as walking home together, or it can be a planned activity everyone can participate in. Each week, encourage your friends to invite as many of their mutual friends as they want.

By making it a regular occurrence, you can build new friendships gradually. You could also attend group events like flag football games or even study groups to meet new people.

Some people believe that groups of people standing in a circle with their feet all pointing to the center are less likely to welcome a new member, but those who have their toes pointing out are more likely to welcome you to join them.

Join an intramural sport for a fun way to meet people. If you really want to branch out and find new friends, consider stretching your current experience and trying something entirely new, like an intramural sport.

Most schools have a variety of intramural teams, so you should be able to find one that sounds fun to you. Find out when they meet, then attend the next event to inquire about joining. Intramurals could be anything from soccer and flag football to frisbee, golf, and dodgeball. Attend social events like dances and sporting events. Many times, schools will provide opportunities for students to mingle outside of the classroom. Take advantage of these activities when they come up.

It can sometimes help to invite someone else to go with you to an event like this, since sitting by yourself can be lonely. Avoid shutting yourself off from others, even if you feel lonely. If you feel stuck in a routine that keeps you from interacting with people, try changing things up. For instance, you could try taking a new hall to get to class, which will give you a chance to interact with people you might not see otherwise.

Unplug from your devices and participate in the real world. While social media can seem like interaction, adding a virtual friend is not the same as a personal friendship. Get some actual face time with other people by simply putting down your phone and interacting with the world around you. Leave them out if you want to focus on making new friends. Part 2 of Introduce yourself to new people whenever possible. However, you and the other person will both be more comfortable after a simple introduction.

Make eye contact with the person, smile, and try to seem warm and relaxed instead of nervous or anxious. Then, break the ice by talking about whatever is going on around you. Join a group conversation to introduce yourself to several people at once. If you find yourself sitting near a group and you can hear their conversation, try to find a way to include yourself.

Of course, you want to avoid taking over the whole conversation, but if you hear something you can comment, try to overcome your natural shyness and just jump in! This comes in handy in situations like sitting with a new group at lunch or being surrounded by others at a sporting event.

Consider asking a question of the entire group rather than just one person. Compliment someone if you need a way to break the ice.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and giving out compliments will make you seem friendly and positive. A great, friendly way to start a conversation is to let someone know that you like their style. For instance, you might compliment them on a piece of clothing or the way they style their hair. I saw them in concert last summer! Keep the conversation going with open-ended questions.

When you start talking to someone, try asking them questions about what they like to see what you have in common with them. What are the best clubs to join? Exchange contact information if you really hit it off with someone. Ask them to exchange numbers so you can text to make plans, or ask them to add you on social media. By following up with them, you may be able to build a lasting friendship, as opposed to just having a casual conversation once in a while.

Call them when you want to reach out on a more personal level. Extend an invitation to hang out with you. Once you have found some common interests with someone, ask them if they would like to hang out after school sometime. Choose an activity you think you both would enjoy, and pick a specific time and place to go.

For instance, if you are both into the arts, maybe there is a gallery, museum, play, or band you could go see. Invite your new friend to a movie you both want to see. If there is something you really want to see, ask if they would like to go with you. If you have time, plan to spend time together after the movie so you have a chance to talk about it. Coffee shops are a great place to sit and chat about the movie and anything else it made you think of.

Part 3 of Smile whenever you make eye contact with people. Simply smiling at someone can draw them to interact with you. Smiling at them for too long without saying anything might seem a little odd. If your body language is closed off, it can make you seem less approachable. Try uncrossing your arms and legs whenever you think about it. You may also want to consider wearing brighter colored clothing.

Not only will it make you seem more approachable, but it could actually affect your mood and make you happier. Be a kind and encouraging friend. Be available to people when they need you.

Updated: August 29, References. Before you write yourself off as a loner, take a chance on yourself and explore ways to begin venturing outside of your social comfort zone. You have nothing to lose by doing so, but you do have the opportunity to gain lifelong friends who love you for who you are, even if that means bringing them back in with you. Tip: Learn people's names the first time you meet them and use them frequently afterwards. Tip: Keeping your spirits high also makes you more resilient.

Meeting new people and making friends can be overwhelming, but with a little effort and willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, you can easily make friends. Start by getting yourself out there and looking for places to socialize, like a local club or volunteer organization. Once you start meeting new people, take some time to get to know them and hang out together.

Real friends can be difficult to find and keep, but they're the friends who will be there for you, won't judge you, and will stick up for you even if you don't agree on everything. It can be difficult to find and make real friends, but it's possible if you know what qualities to look for, put yourself out there to meet new people, and show genuine interest. It's also important to avoid fake friends and be a good friend yourself in order to make and keep real friends. Log in Facebook.

Having good friends is very beneficial to your physical and mental health. Social relationships teach you how to interact with different types of people, help you figure out who you are, and keep you inspired to reach your goals. If you want to get lots of friends, put yourself out there more and try new things. Choose some extracurricular activities that you like doing, like a sports team or language club, since these are great places to meet people. If you don't know what to do, try out something new, like rock climbing or a food festival, so you can mix with new people. When you find yourself next to someone you don't know, strike up a conversation with them to get to know them. You could also try joining groups or pages on social networks, since lots of people get to know each other online.

Maybe you are struggling to build friendships with those around or you are new in town and want to make friends. Building strong friendships can be a challenge, especially if you are introverted or shy. Having good friends can improve your overall outlook on life and make your day to day life much more fulfilling. To make friends, you can start by projecting a confident and friendly demeanor around others. You may then attempt to build friendships with others by seeking out opportunities to socialize and then maintaining your friendships so they are meaningful and long-lasting.

Updated: November 25, References.

One of the most important parts of deepening your friendship is learning how to be a good friend by being supportive and handling conflict respectfully when it comes up. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

Updated: August 8, References. If you're like most kids and teenagers, you like the idea of being cool and popular. You might look up to some older kids you've seen around who have a trendy style and a lot of friends.

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Updated: March 28, References. What's considered "cool" is usually in the eye of the beholder. But whether you fashion yourself as a proud nerd or artiste, a punk or a preppy, there is one constant that sets people off as "cool," and that is confidence in who you are. Even if you can count the number of friends you have with one hand, self-confidence will transcend any biases people may have about your clothes, interests, or the size of your clique. Log in Facebook.


Aug 29, - Whether you realize it or not, you have the ability to form and maintain lasting friendships—it may just take a little more effort if you're naturally shy  Rating: 54% - ‎28 votes.








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