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This whole theory is about BTS and their music videos, short films, solos, lyrics. I do not own them. There are mentions of death, suicide etc. If you are uncomfortable with that, then I would not recommend reading this. Read BTS complete theory: Introduction first.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Taeyang ~ I Need a Girl (Dance Ver.) [MV] [ENG SUB]


BTS explain the meaning of "I NEED U" & debate which member has the sexiest brain

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INU, original ver. The song starts with Suga. V gets up and puts his black hood on. But he also embodies here how helpless youth is against adulthood as a stage of life , predestined to be happening at some point by essence JungKook is being literally hit by adulthood and cannot do anything to stop it from happening. The MV next flashes to Rapmon and V, lying side by side on the hard, concrete floor somewhere.

J-Hope is then seen walking around over a bridge. Again, he is in between states, now trying to get across the bridge to escape his current state of pain by entering the adult world. INU Jimin outside the bathtub. Right before we see him actually hit his dad, JungKook, his black hood on as well symbol of adulthood , crosses the street absent-mindedly while a car symbol of adulthood, again drives fast towards him.

The next scene is the one of V actually hitting his father. Fade out: innocence is forever lost, youth is dead. Neverland reference. Next, scenes of V killing his father and of the campfire get intertwined: moments of blissful innocence and dramatic actions juxtapose themselves. Innocence was lost before that sequence, when V had hit his father. We are just right after the stabbing scene in the MV timeline, and Rapmon suddenly appears wearing a black hoodie symbol of adulthood, again in what looks like, again , a continuity error in the shooting and editing — but is not.

The car scene actually echoes others from the Prologue and Run. At the campfire site, JungKook protects himself from the blazing fire while back at the motel room, Suga pours gasoline over his bed with a last look at the other side of it, where some lover had been sleeping.

Now Suga has to cleanse them both from their sins with fire, making them symbolically pure and innocent again. V is crying over what he has done. INU Boys in denial. INU, short ver. It is also a mirroring scene of his wanderings at the very beginning of the MV, when we see him on a bridge in between 2 worlds.

His hood is off, as this is the grieving boy in denial who is crying. In the final scene for I NEED U, all the boys stand facing the ocean, joyful, watching birds fly a symbol of youth, as babies were first born as birds in the world of Neverland, hence why they can fly.

The very last shot is about the wide open ocean. Time is running up for youth! OMG This is amazing….. Like Like. Well i only got to know from the videos.. As the pictures were taking in totally different world.. Am kind of happy that i understood the video somewhat. Because no one is shown literally dying in the video. Like Liked by 1 person. I really love your theories. I will reading more to clearly understand the hidden messages to their songs. Overall, a big thumbs up for this, such thorough analysis and a wide perspective about this kind of topic.

What a good theory , writter!! Anyway a thumbs up from me. You are so lucky! I wanted to say thank you cause you did a hard work. And your theories are really relevant, i am pretty sure that this is the answer to all this. You can contact me via my tumblr or at fangirlingbadly gmail. I belive I read somewere that the lollipop was aslo a represntation for smoking, it could have dual meaning both childhood and adulthood.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. JungKook is wandering the streets, going nowhere. Suga is lying on a bed, stroking the pillow by his side with a longing look.

Someone seems to just have left crumpled sheets. Rapmon is working at a gas station living the reality of adulthood , sucking onto a lollipop a blatant symbol of childhood. Like this: Like Loading That was a good theory. I thought Jin was dead.. How can we contact you to discuss all this? Exactly…exactly…you just wrote down my thoughts Like Like. These are really good theories! Could you do ones on euphoria, dna, etc? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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BTS “I NEED U” MV explained // Spoiler: We were in Jin’s mind all along

Every part of this promotion is related. Taehyung is seen here wearing a Joy Division shirt. Peter Saville reversed the image from black-on-white to white-on-black and printed it on textured card for the original version of the album. Listen to the silence, let it ring on.

INU, original ver. The song starts with Suga.

Today I'm going to give you a whole different point of view about the bts "I need you" MV so be prepared for a few paragraphs. First of all, we all noticed that this was a music video without the usual dancing which proves its a mv with a story which is new to BigHit entertainment. Though it's exciting :smile: :smile:. Part of their meaning I believe is that they are showing youth isn't as it seems. It's also a process where one must learn by experience when it comes to the real world.

BTS “I Need U” Music Video Review

This song is beautiful. The composition of all of the singing parts is perfect. Everything about this song just pulls you in and refuses to let you go until the final second. The transitions are perfect. I could listen to this song on repeat for days. This whole video focuses on each of the BTS members at their worst, as they struggle with pain, depression, and anger. While they may be fine when with their friends, each of the members are completely miserable and vulnerable when alone. This video is so moving, and it portrays the raw emotions of each member so well.

BTS "i need you" meaning!

The teaser for the Japanese version of the song was released in Japan on YouTube on November 21, It was directed by Yoojung Ko of Lumpens. Tamar Herman from Billboard praised how the song was a "milestone of sonic development" characterizing a "tonal shift for the act's musicality" towards "more of an ambient electronic-pop sound" from previously explored classically hip-hop -oriented singles. The Korean version of the song was not released as a separate single.






I Need U (BTS song)


방탄소년단 '화양연화 -The most beautiful moment in life- pt.1' album is available on iTunes!May 10, - Uploaded by Big Hit Labels.








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