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If your husband ever finds out ad analysis

In the photograph, a fashionably clad woman in lingerie is forcibly held down by a naked man, while a police officer poses suggestively on her legs and points a gun in her face. This advertisement seems excessively violent for a fashion magazine that young girls and the majority of the mainstream world idolize. Akansha Singh Alcohol is a toxic chemical substance, which affects severely almost all human body parts. Electronic and print media such as television channels and news papers advertises alcohol brands for the sake of money from the manufacturers and advertising agencies. Sales promotions via advertisings served as a major factor in increased alcohol consumption during the decade. The three major problems which arises from alcohol advertising includes; over-consumption.

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Domestic Violence in Advertising

What an interesting advertisement it is. The style of the advertisement was old. Yet, the issue was quite special to me. I have never heard of that wives will be punished by their husband due to the coffee they bought. Thanks for sharing this advertisement though I think the woman in the advertisement doesn't looks like she is scared or painful. The advertisement clearly reflects gender stereotype in the past. Women were always submissive while men were dominant.

If this advertisement is published in the 21st century, it will definitely arouse much criticism from the public. It funny to see an old advertisement here! The problem of gender stereotype is still happen in 21st century. I think it is also a good advertisement to enlighten people nowadays. I really agree with your comments about wife spanking. The ad itself was towards the end of the time when wife spanking was acceptable. A couple of television shows had scenes of a wife being spanked by her husband including, "I Love Lucy", "The People's Choice" and "Topper" with the early's movie, "McClintock" otherwise it wasn't acceptable.

For me though with a fetish for women's slips, I was drawn to the ad because of the wife's slip and petticoat showing as her husband spanks her. I have wondered for years, whether the spanking aroused her and caused her to wet herself because of her slip and petticoat. I wonder also in this particular ad whether spanking was part of her marriage.

I have often wondered what it would be like being spanked wearing a full lacy slip as this woman was wearing and would it have aroused me. To me though the look in her eyes reflects fear as she sees her husband's ready to strike another spank on what I think is her slip since her dress has been pulled up. Thank you again for posting this. Upon reading some of the other comments I thought I might add to my previous entry. Most of the wedding vows taken by women at that time and into the 's included, "to honor, love and obey" meaning they were to obey their husbands in all matters.

These words were based on New Testament Scripture that made the husband the leader of the home. So when this advertisement, this woman was being spanked because she had not obeyed her husband in purchasing the right brand of coffee. Was it right that she should be spanked, I say, "no" since spanking should be reserved for disobedient children and not disobedient wives.

So this husband who was head of household had every right to spank his wife for disobedience though in today's society would be considered sexist domination and could subject the husband to be charged with assault and battery for spousal abuse. Second, when this ad was produced, coffee was packed in pressure metal containers. As the ad showed one could be assured that the coffee was fresh when you pressed the containers between your hands and the metal came back to shape.

Once you opened the container you would hear a, "swoosh" from the can knowing the coffee was fresh. One smell of the coffee and you could tell it was fresh. In today's society coffee is maintained fresh in other ways and methods. I love fresh ground coffee myself but would never consider spanking my wife if the coffee she purchased was not fresh.

I am thankful for the Keurig which has fresh coffee. Third, the way the scene is presented, you can tell by he type of chair the husband is seated in that it is a dinning room chair. What the scene suggests is that when he first tasted the coffee and realized it was not fresh ground, he asked his wife if she had tested the container to see if it was fresh.

When she said she hadn't, he pulled his chair away from the dinning room table and either got up from his chair and take her from her chair seating himself back in his chair or had her get up from her chair and turned her over his knee to give her a sound spanking for being disobedient.

What is interesting about the picture is her head is turned toward her husband, looking up at him with a crying face pleading to stop the spanking. She maybe also looking up at his right hand which is so high and ready to strike her bottom.

The fact that a portion of her skirt has been raised revealing her slip and petticoat may indicate that he lifted her skirt to spank her on her slip which for a slip lover as I am is, "seventh heaven".

I am so happy the ad does not show a naked bottom. There is no doubt that this is no light spanking which means that she will need a pillow to sit on for some time. You can bet she will be pressure testing for fresh coffee in the future which was the purpose of the ad.

Finally, this ad appeared only once in, "Life Magazine' in August and no other publications such as, "Look". RSS Feed. The advertisement was posted in and the target audience was housewife at that time. The Ads is about the wife will be punished if her husband find that she buy flat and state coffee. The Ads simply used the strategy of cause and effect.

From the statement and image, we can see the trouble if the wife did not buy their fresher coffee. It also imply the pathos as argument based on fear. Therefore, the company provide a fresher coffee as a solution which encourage housewife to buy.

Moreover, it was controversial as it emphasis gender stereotyping in s. It conveys a message that men are powerful and able to earn money. They are in dominant position than women. Meanwhile, women should stay at home and do all the housework, include preparing coffee for their husband. The Ads had the ideology of men is superiority in society in that time. The Ads were critiqued by some feminists as they promoted gender equality.

The feminist emphasised women have the right to choose to work or stay home. Women can earn money as what men do and they should escape from the subordinate of their husband. Jeremy Lau :. Authors L. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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Sexist Vintage Ad: If your husband ever finds out…

Peter Norcross. Composition 2. October 17, The way instant coffee is processed has been revolutionized many times. It led to some advertising the subjugated women.

By Daily Mail Reporter. With messages that would make Don Draper proud, a collection of advertisements from the s feature women excitedly conducting domesticated tasks and lovingly caring for their husbands.

What an interesting advertisement it is. The style of the advertisement was old. Yet, the issue was quite special to me. I have never heard of that wives will be punished by their husband due to the coffee they bought. Thanks for sharing this advertisement though I think the woman in the advertisement doesn't looks like she is scared or painful.

Historical Ad Analysis

Due to the fact that my original historical object is ultrasound machines and at the time that it came out and even in this day and age it is not advertised very much or at all, I chose to look at ads focused on women at the time that ultrasound machines were first invented. My first advertisement is a woman cooking breakfast and looking very happy. The advertisement is for a drug that reduces the symptoms of morning sickness so that even while she is pregnant, women can still do the normal duties of a wife. This ad came out in , just a few years after the ultrasound machine was created. Many ads that I looked at this time period, including this one and the other two ads that I will be focusing on are very sexist. The ad is saying that even if you are sick because you are pregnant, you need to still maintain all of your normal duties as a wife. The fact that she is smiling in the picture could be due to the fact that she is no longer feeling sick, but the fact that she is smiling could also be contributed to the fact that she is happy cooking breakfast for either her family or her husband. She is also not obviously pregnant, which is interesting due to the fact that this ad is geared toward pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness.

"If your husband ever finds out"...

We were surprised to learn that the message behind this ad is "exactly what it claims to be," according to Michael Cousin, modern marketer at digital media company Star Moose. At the time this ad ran, which Cousin guesses was in the s, there was very little regulation of advertising, so advertisers really just relied on self-regulation. Circle the items you want for Christmas. Show it to your husband.



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Visual Rhetoric Analysis: How the World has Changed: Women in Advertising. The headline on the advertisement is "If your husband ever finds out." It is in All the advertisements claimed that Chase & Sanborn instant coffee is the freshest.








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