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The song is pretty easy to play once you get the tuning and the basic chord and rythym patterns down. Sweet Virginia - The Rolling Stones. One accurate version. He also plays these songs without the botttom or low E string. In the sixth lesson on Open Tunings we take a look at the instantly recognizable style of Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. Includes playthru, video lesson, tabs, chords and lyrics.


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Jerry Stiller Made Frank Costanza a Sitcom Legend

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Clearly, fate has smiled upon me. By day, Muzio is the managing editor of video for Irvine-based Kelly Blue Book where he drives all sorts of fancy and not so fancy cars and trucks.

After Muzio punches out, he jumps into a helicopter and flies the skies above L. Muzio went to high school in Kern County, flies out of Long Beach and clearly knows so much about what lies in between.

But Muzio is also entertaining, amenable and informative. He will tell you everything you might want to know about his little Enstrom C copter, he will show you how he got his day job and he will answer questions from inquisitive followers on social media. But we had even more questions and he was more than generous with his time as we delved into his life defying gravity. Many of us first became aware of you about a month ago when you flew over L.

But then people started to share it. People are trapped at home, and here they have an opportunity to see what the world looks like right now. Yes, but you also deserve credit. You are such a good-natured host, willing to fly over random places that some weirdo stranger asked you to do in the comments. Somebody asked me to go over a Greek Orthodox church. And I will look and see where it is and how far do I have to deviate.

How were you able to get clearance to fly over it the other day? They have petitioned to basically keep it permanent under the guise of preventing terrorism. I think it was enacted in The thing is, it makes for a much more pleasant experience for the park-goers. I have always viewed that 3-mile radius around the park as impenetrable.

Basically, you have to talk to air traffic control and as long as you do, you can transit that area. Disney is a massive, powerful organization with a lot of pull. Another area that is a little bit tricky is the new SoFi Stadium. People really want to see that stadium. How about the traffic controller the other day on one of your videos who knew who you were? You have to speak in this specific way to them. So that has been one of the surprising delights that have come from my flyover videos.

I think he might have recognized me because of my tail number. People can actually track my flights. In one of your videos, you were commiserating with a fixed-wing pilot about how expensive this hobby is. Have you considered giving private tours to deflect that cost?

I have gotten a lot of requests. Can I fly along with you? I used to have a lot of enthusiasm about automobiles. And my day job is a car reviewer, and that really squeezed a lot of the enthusiasm out because it becomes an obligation. It would be more than a money grab. It would just be a neat thing to do with people who are eager to have an introduction to flight.

People who know that I have lived in L. Could you give him a tour? Not really. And the thing is I thought about it! I looked at my schedule. But I actually entertained it. I gotta ask you about the Kobe Bryant crash. Was it the terrain or the fog that made it difficult for that pilot?

Visibility is a major killer for helicopter pilots. For me, the big concern would have been flying in a disorienting situation. In flying, especially in helicopters, using just instruments is extremely difficult. I would suspect that that was the key concern.

And you demonstrated that when you showed how tough it is just to hover a few feet from the ground. The mass of a larger rotor system in a larger helicopter prevents the wind from moving you around and it just makes everything more stable. I did all my training in the Robinson R It weighs less than pounds empty, and it is so twitchy. You have to make all these constant little adjustments with the controls.

And then, eventually, your brain makes those little neural-pathways and it begins to make sense. But a tiny helicopter is very unstable. A larger helicopter like the S that Kobe was flying in is a lot more stable. Privacy-wise, can you fly over anywhere you want? Well, not literally anywhere.

The limitations are dictated by airspace. There are places on aviation maps that are restricted, like military areas. There is something about being seen, though. People really want me to fly over their community or to fly over their house. Not to be invasive or intrude. On the flip side, last year you were flying over the super bloom, which was enormous. Could you have landed there?

What you need is approval from the property owner. Certain municipalities will specifically disallow off-airport landings. So you need to do some research before you set down. When you fly through L. Is this common? One of the things that come up in your videos is your aversion to birds. Obviously, one thing we learned from Sully Sullenberger is that birds can affect a big-ass commercial plane. What kind of trouble can they cause for a helicopter?

They can bring down a helicopter. The trick with helicopters is the altitude where you fly is much closer to what birds fly. When you fly along the beach toward LAX, they want you to be at feet or lower to give a good separation between the jets and the helicopters. But what it does is it puts you right there with the birds. So keeping your eyes peeled for birds is critical.

A couple weeks ago, I had my first bird strike coming back from my flyover at Magic Mountain. I was at, I would say, 1, feet. I have video of it and I will put that up really soon. Note, he just posted it.

Here it is. You can see the bird come into frame. And the time it took from when the bird becomes visible and when it hit the helicopter was like 1. Where it hit was like the perfect place. It hit a part of the mast. But I did have to make a precautionary landing at Whiteman Airport and it was actually nerve-wracking because I did not know if it had hit something super important. I know of Stu. It sounds like a really neat thing. There was a car chase happening during my flight the other night and listening to the coordination between the police helicopters and the TV helicopters, it just really sounded like a neat application of a lot of the skills I already have.

I have the privilege of being a little idealistic with this. The thing I love about aviation, and flying helicopters in particular, is you can continue to inch closer to perfection, but you will never achieve it. That impossible perfection is so satisfying.

For me, the helicopter is a humility machine. It continually reminds me that I have much to learn. I am not an expert. I am a guy who loves flying. To approach it with humility and an eagerness to learn is the right attitude.

The 18 Most Calming Songs According to Famous Musicians

Like thousands of American Airlines passengers last Dec. They were hungry, bored, angry and, in the case of Flight , sick from the smell wafting through the cabin from the lavatories. When the ordeal finally ended, some passengers from the 67 separate American flights - which each spent at least three hours stranded - e-mailed or called in their complaints to the airline. Some vented on blogs. Most grumbled and went about their business.

It was intended for The Righteous Brothers , for whom they had written the number one hit " You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' " [3] but then Mann gained a recording contract for himself, and his label Red Bird Records wanted him to release it instead. Meanwhile, record executive Allen Klein had heard it and gave the demo to Mickie Most , the Animals' producer. Most already had a call out to Brill Building songwriters for material for the group's next recording session the Animals hits " It's My Life " and " Don't Bring Me Down " came from the same call [4] , and the Animals recorded it before Mann could.

If clicking doesn't work, click with the right mouse button and choose "Open Link in New Tab". Ep11 coming tomorrow!! Screencastify Canva. We're most active mope.

We gotta get out of here: Stranded airline passengers find an advocate

I presume about my age. Streams Emoticons Latest Popular Classic. If you have found a nice one elsewhere, don't hesitate to send it to us! The ASCII art of this website has been created by many different artists and credit has been given where the artist is known. It is a way to affect senses and emotions of an individual. Text Art. Submit your own copypasta to protect and preserve cultural heritage or browse through a variety of categories and learn. We had an orgy, which didn't last too long.

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Jerry Stiller, the legendary comic actor who died Monday at the age of 92 , was one of the finest yellers in sitcom history. That was Jerry Stiller. Stiller was known for a number of things before the early s rolled around, most notably for his role in the comedy duo he formed with Anne Meara , the woman he would remain married to for more than 60 years, who died five years ago this month. He also appeared in numerous films the original Taking of Pelham One Two Three , The Ritz , both movie versions of Hairspray , Zoolander , guest-starred on many TV shows, did theater both on and Off Broadway, and was the father to two children, Amy and Ben, who also became actors.

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Clearly, fate has smiled upon me. By day, Muzio is the managing editor of video for Irvine-based Kelly Blue Book where he drives all sorts of fancy and not so fancy cars and trucks. After Muzio punches out, he jumps into a helicopter and flies the skies above L.

We Gotta Get You a Woman

Skip to main content. You have exceeded the maximum number of MP3 items in your MP3 cart. Please click here to manage your MP3 cart content. We Gotta Get You a Woman.

Go to Songsear. Looking for a country song. Sort of slow, very melodic. Male artist. Chorus includes 'just let me in' and another line is 'the pain and depression possibly suffering? I'm looking for a song at the end of film play in the backgroud.

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Connect your Spotify account to your Last. Connect to Spotify. A new version of Last. Replace video. Todd Rundgren. Leroy, boy, is that you?

Todd Rundgren - We Gotta Get You A Women (Akron ). rogsteel. Loading Unsubscribe from rogsteel.


Meet YouTube’s Latest Sensation: Micah the Helicopter Pilot







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