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Where can i watch the good wife in canada

When Will find out that Alicia and Cary are leaving the firm, he fires them and sets out to destroy them before they can get their new firm off the ground. Alicia agrees to a deposition with Nelson Dubeck, Will struggles to find a winning theory as he defends an accused killer, and Kalinda has new doubts about her future with Lockhart Gardner. Alicia searches for answers as she tries to make sense of Will's death in the aftermath of the courthouse shooting. Jimmy O. Yang talks about his new Prime Video comedy special and his hilarious struggle to make his parents proud.

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How to watch The Good Wife: Season 7 (2016) on Netflix Canada!

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Close Menu. THE GOOD WIFE is a drama starring Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies as a wife and mother who boldly assumes full responsibility for her family and re-enters the workforce after her husband's very public sex and political corruption scandal lands him in jail. More purchase options. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Episodes 23 1. Subtitles Subtitles. Audio Languages Audio Languages. Alicia is assigned her first case after having to return to work following her husband's corruption scandal and incarceration. A stripper claims she was raped at the bachelor party of a prominent businessman.

The teenage son of a former friend hires her to defend him in a murder case, Alicia makes a difficult journey back to her old life.

As her husband's legal team continues to mount the case for his appeal, Alicia discovers evidence of possible jury tampering in her firm's class action law suit against a major pharmaceutical company.

Alicia and Will have 72 hours to prove that a train company, and not the engineers, is responsible for a freight train crash, and secure the widows their husbands' pensions. As Alicia works with Will on the appeal of a death row inmate, she agrees to a conjugal visit with Peter in order to get information from him since her client was convicted under Peter's regime as state's attorney.

While representing the daughter of one of the partner's at the law firm, Alicia finds herself attracted to her co-counsel and his unorthodox approach to defending their client. Peter needs Alicia to testify on his behalf as his appeals process begins sooner than expected. Alicia deals with tricky office politics when she's asked to represent the firm's senior partner after he's arrested.

When a judge with a history of questionable sentencing overturns a simple plea deal that Alicia arranged, she looks into his motivation. Alicia learns more about her husband's fall from grace when she represents represents the wife of Peter's nemesis, Glenn Childs, in their divorce case.

When a star high school quarterback dies from an overdose of painkillers, Alicia represents the doctor who prescribed the medication.

Tensions are high as Peter's appeal trial begins and Alicia defends a wealthy client in civil court whose innocence she doubts, even after he's found not guilty in criminal court of murdering his wife.

As Alicia defends a husband accused of murdering the babysitter, she and her family prepare for the outcome of Peter's appeal and his possible coming home. Peter gets acclimated to life at home and works on a comeback strategy with his political team. As Peter strategizes on how to handle his retrial and the next steps in his public rehabilitation, Alicia and Will defend an attorney arrested for murder.

In an emergency courtroom set up in a hospital, Alicia and Will battle an insurance company that refuses to pay for life-saving in-utero surgery. Alicia and Will deal with their growing sexual tension and Diane and Kurt McVeigh continue their flirtation.

When Alicia goes head-to-head in the courtroom with former boss Jonas Stern, she debates whether or not to use personal information to her advantage.

The police are quickly at the door when Peter's electronic monitor sounds after he chases Alicia out of the apartment.

The winner is announced in the competition between Alicia and Cary. Eli Gold works on getting Peter's charges dropped, and Alicia defends Colin Sweeney, a client and accused wife killer, who claims self defense after she finds him handcuffed to a dead woman. At Eli Gold's urging, Alicia must decide if she'll stand by her man during Peter's new political campaign, or if she'll pursue a relationship with Will instead.

Customers who watched this item also watched. Customer reviews. How does Amazon calculate star ratings? The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. This is a fascinating, well acted drama, with some superbly multi-faceted and unforgettable characters.

My husband and I are binge-watching this. This is riveting and absorbing. Boy, I went into this expecting a mushy soap opera with some political overtones much like the current Scandal. Oddly enough, there are plenty of Scandal actors working in this series, so they seem related somehow. However, not quite through Season One, I am finding the show oddly intelligent and thoughtful and not at all what I expected.

BUT, as a lawyer, I still cringe two or three times a show at the "made for TV" legal reality, which does not match up with the actual real legal world.

For instance "you need to testify on appeal. Despite what one sees here and it was the same on Boston Legal lawyers don't just visit another firm and sit down for a "settlement conference. But it makes for dramatic, good TV for the non-legal folks, and I can live in that fantasy world of lawyering for an hour at a time.

And why are none of them hunched over their computers, researching and writing? Not even the lowly junior associates. Let me tell you, a real junior associate at a firm of that kind would not see sunshine very often. They would be researching and writing for the older lawyers. The acting is good, the writing is good, the storylines are good, so I'll overlook these departures and many others for the time being at least.

Alex Nichols, author of Shadow Rock. The Good Wife is a show I nearly missed out on, partly because it takes nearly half of the first season to establish its tone and fully take flight. I tuned in originally because the premise was intriguing.

The protagonist, Alicia Florrick, is the woman behind the fake political smile, standing by a man most women would be happy to be rid of. What makes someone like this tick? From the get go, it is clear that Alicia is complicated. That only develops further as the seasons unfold. If the series had just been about her, I might have lost interest. However, it is also a first-rate courtroom drama and an intriguing political drama with an enthralling romance at its center.

An episode like "Bad" features the strengths that hooked me. A disarming sociopath, Colin Sweeney, is introduced and you just can't look away.

Who is this man and why would any decent person defend him? There are no easy answers. Equally engrossing is "Heart" in which Alicia crosses a professional line with her boss from which they will never fully recover. And if the final moments of season finale"Running" don't hook you, then you really aren't a fan. The episodes are tightly written with both stand alone legal plots and an overarching political triangle that has multiple reverberations. The cast is uniformly good. Much attention is given to Juliana Margulies and there is a reason for that.

She steers the show gracefully. There is also stellar work by a large supporting cast of mostly familiar faces. And there are many peculiar cameos by famous faces playing quirky judges. My favorite is Ana Gasteyer as a woman who insists that lawyers in her courtroom preface everything they say with, "In my opinion. Don't miss it.

One person found this helpful. This show is a really great show and I was addicted from the first few moments. It stands alone in a crowded genre. I really liked the issues it brings up about corruption, politics, law, love, religion, marriage, sex, affairs, public scrutiny. My favorite episodes include the one where they try a college roommate that's on trial for killing her friend.

Even though she's not guilty, she's not guilty she ends up accepting a ten year deal because they're worried about what the jury might do. As the judge explains to the jurors how they're no longer needed, it pans to the garbage where 12 votes of not guilty from the jurors are. That to me was very poignant and moving and made you question how often that situation truly happens in real life. I also like the fact that Alicia learns lessons at work such as their role as lawyers is to their client whether they like the person or rather they're guilty or innocent.

You spend episodes invested in the should they, shouldn't they drama which culminates in the season finale. I can't wait to find out if season 2 is as amazing and earth shattering TV as season 1. See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. I just LOVE this wonderful long series about a female US lawyer who returns to legal practice because her famous husband lawyer has been imprisoned.

She starts as an intern earning money to support her family. I look forward to nights alone when I can watch a couple of episodes. Each one has a legal drama as well as a continuing number of story lines about the different intrigues affecting the main characters. Foremost is how the wife deals with the humiliation of her husbands scandals and imprisonment and her own attraction to her boss amidst the continual challenging legal entanglements.

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The Good Wife

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See the full list. Also, Diane grows concerned when her husband, Kurt McVeigh, decides to retire and sell his business to Holly Westfall, a rival business owner, and Peter contemplates an uncertain future when he faces possible arrest.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Close Menu. THE GOOD WIFE is a drama starring Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies as a wife and mother who boldly assumes full responsibility for her family and re-enters the workforce after her husband's very public sex and political corruption scandal lands him in jail. More purchase options. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

Where to watch The Good Wife online in Australia

It arrived for online streaming on October 3, Did you know there are thousands of additional movies and shows you can watch by changing your Netflix country? Don't miss out! In this courtroom drama, attorney Alicia Florrick finds herself forced to return to work after a scandal lands her politician husband in prison. She's been out of the courtroom a while, but trying cases is what she does best. Besides, she has no other choice. Season 1 of The Good Wife has 23 episodes. Because different Netflix countries have different availability for episodes, you'll need to check the episode listing below to see which are available in Canada. You can also click on any episode below to get more information on which Netflix countries it is available in. Alicia returns to work as an attorney after her husband's corruption scandal.

Why isn’t ‘The Good Wife’ on Netflix Anymore?

Here's how to watch The Good Fight season 4 online and stream every episode of the drama online right now. As it's a streaming-only affair, that means you have to watch online - and midnight PT or 3am ET is when you can expect the latest instalment to drop. Rather, it has developed into a groundbreaking political satire of its own with ripped-from-the-headline narratives that might make you blush. Spoiler alert: if you're not totally up-to-date with The Good Fight season 4, unwelcome surprises might lurk below.

When Will find out that Alicia and Cary are leaving the firm, he fires them and sets out to destroy them before they can get their new firm off the ground.

The serial plots—a rarity on CBS, a network where most of the programming at that time was procedural —were especially showcased in its highly praised fifth season. The performances of the show's cast have been particularly recognized, with Julianna Margulies' role as Alicia Florrick receiving significant praise. It is considered by several critics to be network television's "last great drama", [6] [7] [8] producing full episode seasons while other similarly acclaimed dramas often produce only 6 to 13 episodes per season.

The Good Wife

Wechseln Sie zu amazon. Mit dem Starten der Wiedergabe stimmen Sie unseren Nutzungsbedingungen zu. Folgen 23 1. Die Frau des Staatsanwalts.

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S7 E22 End. TV L. Subscribe to Watch. S1 E1 Sep 22, Pilot. S1 E2 Sep 29, Stripped. S1 E3 Oct 06, Home.

How to watch The Good Fight online: stream season 4 from anywhere

The Good Wife is being slowly removed from Netflix around the world. One thing is for sure, many Netflix users will miss this show dearly. The show was removed from Netflix US in a move by CBS to pull back the majority of its content from the streaming service. Madam Secretary still comes to Netflix as does a couple of other titles but The Good Wife having finished was yanked from the service for good. The good news is that in the US, the show still resides on several streaming services.

Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) has been a good wife to her husband, a former state's attorney. After a very Watch on Prime Video included with Prime. Rating: /10 - ‎65, votes.

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