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Why do i get so annoyed with my boyfriend

Finding everything your partner does irritating can be stressful, worrying and frustrating. It can make you feel like your relationship is a burden instead of a positive thing in your life. Think about all the things that you like about your partner and try to recognise how lucky you are to have someone that makes you feel safe and appreciated, even if they occasionally get on your nerves. And remember: you probably have a few habits they find irritating too!

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Ask Sean: "I went travelling with my boyfriend. After two days, I absolutely hated him."

Just some background information: I am generally an anxious person, I like to be in control of the situation and generally like to have all the little details. I also at times tend to think the worse. I find it very hard to talk about myself and my feelings. My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year. I would like to stress I was never like this before, this is a very new feeling to me and I have been experiencing it for a few weeks now.

I just want to go back to the person I used to be. Also the anger is only directed at him and no one else. He is honestly undeserving of this and does very little wrong, which furthers my anger for myself. Yesterday I explained myself to him and why I was feeling like this. He told me tell him every time I feel like this and we can talk through it.

First of I would like to say that you are not the only one with this problem. I am a guy and I WAS having this problem with my girlfriend of 1 year as well. Funny thing is your post gave me answers to solve your problems. Whenever you feel angry about something he did or said, just try to reassure yourself of this trust you have on him. I do not know about others, but I believe trust is more important than love in a relationship.

I am glad you have that covered. Secondly, I love how you explained yourself to him and he actually understood you and sorted it out with you! I cant think of anything better to ask from a relationship than this. Both of you understand each other to fix a matter that could have ignited a fight in an unsuccessful relationship. Anger, hatred all of this terrible things are just inside the head, not in the heart. To get rid of that you need to constantly reassure yourself what a wonderful relation you have with your man.

Try to do something together at least every week, that you both enjoy. For that week, for each day keep reminding yourself the wonderful time you spent with your guy.

I believe this will reduce your unnecessary anger and suspicions greatly. Finally, since its directed towards him only, I think it means you are constantly thinking only about him. If I am correct, stop thinking about him all the time. He is a human being and he needs time and space of his own just like you do. So pick up a hobby or activity that you can do and keep your attention away from the fact that you are constantly missing him.

If I may add my experience just to justify my opinions. I have a 1 year relation with a girl online, she lives couple thousand miles away from me. May not seem much lively or realistic to many people, but it is for me and my heart. I was and am already happy talking,chatting, texting, video calling, playing online games, drawing,watching movies,videos with her.

Many people have been trying to convince me that online relations do not work and they are not realistic. Then regretfully I started having doubts like you, getting angry at her short responses, not spending time with me.

I explained it to her, the way I explained she should have cried cause I felt like breaking her heart. But this girl is so strong she took it to her guts and understood me and sorted it out just like how it worked with you.

In fact, this incident happened with me just few weeks back, so I could instantly connect with your situation. And this my friend, is a great possibility for growth to you both. Yes — things he does and the ways he acts make you feel uncomfortable time to time.

But remember: the feelings your facing are not actually caused by him, but are the ones you carry inside of you — and are now shed to light for a reason. I was just reading a book about relationships yesterday. And at the same time the only way we are able to gather this knowledge is through a relationship s! So my second advice for you would be this: accept the feelings of anger and agony, but give up the idea of directing them to your boyfriend or yourself.

The anger you feel is true and real — but its a feeling, rooted by some sort of emotional wound or lock instead of your or your boyfriends personality or actions. I guess the reason why you feel so bad at the moment is because you most likely feel like being lost in the fog. When we feel anger or frustration we often get this urge to control things outside us — when its in the end our inner chaos we must solve to find the peace.

The miracle of love is that you can never really have it or lose it — you can only share it. Life is about becoming the best possible you, in the end. For example, my boyfriend has a crazy work schedule. Usually when I am asleep, I will wake up to find him gone fishing, and for some reason, I get very angry with him A.

So when he does finally come in, I am furious. We have a bad fight and end up sleeping separate when all he wanted to do was fish. But I also feel like he should be wanted to be next to me since we hardly ever see each other anyway! But I love him so much. He even said he wants to marry me! But there is no way I could marry him when I freak out every time he wants time to himself. Its only when acting next to someone different from ourselves that we get to know the assumptions and expectations we carry inside of us — and get the chance to evaluate them.

The way you feel — and the way you handle the feelings you face — is always up to you. Question is, where are these expectations based on? And if not, what is the need you think him showing his love differently would fulfill?

Is it something he actually is responsible over for example you feeling special? Of course you are the one setting the boundaries on how you let other people to treat you. And you have every right to ask people to take notice on your feelings and act respectful towards you.

But very often the first person we need to train to respect ourselves is — ourselves. When the only feelings and actions we are responsible over are our very own. We often expect, too, others to give us the respect we should actually provide ourselves. In a way it is true, and sometimes the problems in a certain relationship may be less tolerable than they would be in some other relationship. But because relationships are always about mirroring each other, in every relationship we are set a chance to really look at ourselves and get to know the uncomfortable feelings we have.

What do they tell us about our selves? So to say, in every relationship the situation where problems arise may differ — but there is never gonna be a relationship that saves us from facing ourselves, both in good and bad.

Thank you for all your advice! I was brought up in a very study based environment, so when these exams come I rarely go out and my main focus is my exams. Therefore when he goes out with his friends I think the anger arises because I think he should be studying? Because I want him to do well. Also he used to occasionally do marijuana. I just wanted to add it to see if these are normal feelings? Thanks again. I feel exactly the same i have been going out with my boyfriend for 9 month and at first it was grate i wouldnt mind when he went out, but now i feel really angry when he wants to spend time with his friends, i have never been like this before and i really dont like how im acting.

I get really mad very easly with him for no reason as he gives me no reason to be angry, i snap easly at him and it seems to only be at him as im not like this with anyone else, i feel like im been naggy and controlling and i worried that im going have to end the relationship because of the way im acting as he doesnt deserve me snapping all the time at all, when i calm down i get very upset and emotional at the fact that im getting so annoyed with the stuff he does when were not together, we see each other weekends and we never argue but when i go home i start to snap and get this angery feeling when he goes out with his friends etc, im starting to think hes sick of me and doesnt enjoy spending time with me.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice cause i feel like a crazy woman, i dont want to end the relationship cause when were together its grate, also i fell out with my bestfriend she got into a relationship and stopped contacting me so i dont go out as much now could that be the problem?

I have the same problem with my boyfriend of almost 2 years. Though there are a few differences, everything is quite the same. I find anger take over my body the second he says he is seeing a friend. I even got mad the other day when his grandma got hit by a car and was in the hospital! I feel that i need professional help! Im scared!

There are many differences, but he has cheated before, over a year ago, its been 2 years we are together now. I trusted him and was so deeply hurt by what he did. Amazing thread! Im going through this as well and reading your post and responses was super helpful to me!! Hi, I am currently living a similar situation.

I find myself being often angry at my boyfriend, even when he is not with me. All habits that I try to avoid myself.

It kills me to see him do it because I feel like I have to fight twice to get passed these bad habits, first over myself and then over him. I also started having all these negative thoughts about him like maybe he is not as proactive and mature as I thought he was, sometimes I feel like I am his mother around the appartment telling him we have to clean up or go to the groceries etc.

Or is it just a problem coming from myself related to the fact that I cannot solve my own problems created by my own bad habits? Help me please! Helllo everyone I have read all of your post and I still feel broken inside. I resently got married but been with him for years.

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It's a fantastic feeling when you are in love with someone else. You can't wait to see them and you want to spend a large amount of your time with this one person. You won't be able to get enough of them at first. However, when you spend a lot of time with one person, you can start to get on each other's nerves. We all need a break every now and again.

Just some background information: I am generally an anxious person, I like to be in control of the situation and generally like to have all the little details. I also at times tend to think the worse.

By Tamsen Firestone, author of Daring to Love. We all know that feeling love and emotional harmony with your partner is wonderful; feeling angry is not! But anger is a natural part of life and is therefore inevitable, especially when two people share life closely. But first, what is anger? For one thing, anger is not a negative emotion.

Feelings of Annoyance with Anxiety

Editor's Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at dear. I always used to daydream about spending more time with my boyfriend. We have been together for more than two years, and although we live together, we both have busy work lives. He is a chef and restaurant owner who is out of the house from 9 a. Before the coronavirus pandemic, we used to spend an hour at the end of each day catching up about our lives.

Everything my partner does irritates me

Anxiety isn't just a feeling of fear. It's a host of different negative emotions, each of which contributes to personality changes that can make it harder to interact with people and enjoy your day to day life. One of those emotional issues is a feeling of annoyance. Many people with anxiety find that they're annoyed much more easily, and this annoyance can cause pressures between you and the people and activities in your life.

G enerally speaking, the objective of relationship advice is to minimize friction between romantic partners.

When you're with someone for a long time, you're guaranteed to find little things about them that might annoy you. It's kind of inevitable and it's actually OK. At the same time, however, nobody really wants to believe they're annoying the one they love most.

Annoyance Is a Sign of a Good Relationship

When it comes to figuring out men, it sometimes pays to skip the girl talk and head straight to the source. This weekly column is my advice on your most burning questions about guys. I was so looking forward to the holiday, but within two days of being there, I absolutely hated him.

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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. My partner and I have a 16 month old baby. I experienced the usual post natal blues and anxiety, combined with the 'touched out' feeling when our son was a newborn. He is now a toddler so we are past that stage. But I still get so annoyed when my partner is affectionate towards me. It frustrates me that he is always trying to touch or hug me.

Dear Therapist: I’m Losing Patience With My Boyfriend in Quarantine


Why You Are So Annoyed By What You Once Admired - The Book of Life is the that makes us fall in love with people is realising they can do something we can't. Meanwhile the supposedly more practical comes to feel that their partner is.


Dear Therapist: I’m Losing Patience With My Boyfriend in Quarantine







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