Why I Needed a Social Media Detox

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Olive Romper: c/o Tobi || Striped Romper: c/o Tobi || Embroidered Romper: c/o Tobi

Last week, I received the following email from a friend:

“I hope you are well. I feel like you have disappeared!”

Somewhat taken aback, I began reflecting on why she might have sent that. Then it dawned on me. I haven’t been on Instagram in 2 weeks, so she has no idea what I have been up to because I haven’t been documenting my daily adventures (I use that term loosely) on Insta Stories.

I did not advertise this, but at the encouragement of my husband, I just decided to take a social media detox. You may remember I took a little social media sabbatical back in October (read that post here). But this time, I literally deleted Instagram and Facebook from my phone. And it was at that very point that I came to the embarrassing realization just how much of my idle time had been consumed by scrolling feed after feed.

In the first few days of my social media detox, I would subconsciously grab my phone when I had some down time and my fingers would just involuntarily click on the exact location on my phone where the Instagram and Facebook icons used to appear. I always knew that I spent a lot of time on social media, but I never realized just how much it was consuming my life. And I never really considered how much it was consuming my mind.

LET ME CLARIFY: I do not believe that social media is evil in any sense. Social media has the potential to bring so much goodness to the world. It can bring awareness to cultural issues, foster community and friendships, celebrate life moments, and inspire creativity. But I believe that Satan deliberately corrupts the very things that bring us joy and pleasure and turns them into the very things that make us begin to question our worth and God’s plan for our lives.  For the last few months, I have been letting Satan use social media as a way to incite jealousy, envy, comparison, bitterness, and selfishness within my heart. What used to be my light-hearted escape from reality somehow turned in to the very monster I needed to be rescued from.

Has this social media fast hurt my blog? YES. Has it decreased my follower account? HECK YES. But for me, I started all of these things as a creative outlet for myself. As a way to reignite a sense of individuality that had been lost in the physically and emotionally draining days of being at the mercy of teenagers and their parents. But when I got to a place where I was over-investing my energy into something that was causing me to question God’s intentions for my life and doubt how I could be truly created in the likeness of God on a daily basis, it was time to take a step back.

Truthfully, I do not plan on eliminating social media forever. I haven’t set a “timeline” for myself. I think that when the time is right, the Lord will give me a peace about getting back on the Gram. But I will admit, I have surprised myself by how little I actually miss it. It was hard for the first few days for sure, but 14 days later, I hardly think about it. It was a little strange the other day when one of my girlfriends sent a message on our group text and I realized I had no idea what she was referring to because I hadn’t been checking Instagram. But overall, I have been more consistent with spending quality time with the Lord, more intentional in my conversations with Parker, and less burdened by things that are out of my control.

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But no worries- I may be taking a break from Instagram, but I plan to continue curating my little corner of the internet as long as I have people who want to read it! Fun Sized Erin has been such a purposeful and therapeutic journey for me over the last year, and I have no plans to stop now.

In other news, since I haven’t been on Instagram, many of you may not know that the McCormacks have been dealing with a broken air-conditioning unit for the last 5 days. On Wednesday we got to do some major “adulting” and purchase a brand new AC unit. (#PrayforParker).  So needless to say, shopping on a budget is now my number one priority. Thankfully, my friends at Tobi sent me the cutest rompers to help me stay cool in this Texas heat. My absolute favorite of all has to be the black and white striped romper. It’s actually the exact same as the olive green romper, just a different pattern, but there is just something about stripes that make my heart flutter. I can’t get enough of the low back and plunging necklines, especially because the material makes you feel like you are wearing pajamas. The white embroidered romper would be cute to wear as an outfit or use as a cover up at the pool.

Last but not least, don’t forget that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will be here before we know it! I will be providing you with the “best kept secrets” to shop the sale most effectively as well as featuring new series called Dressing Room Diaries. I will try on a bunch of clothes throughout the sale and give you my honest feedback on sizing, price, quality, etc. so that you can shop the best stuff from the comfort of your own home! In the mean time,

More to come on all of that, but for now, thank you for being understanding and supportive of my social media detox. I truly love each and every one of you 🙂

Cheers, Erin

Photography by Teri Lynam 


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