Don’t get me wrong, I’m #TexasForever and all, but I’d be lying to you if I said a part of me has always secretly wanted to be a California girl. Between the beach and the… View Full Post

The summer before I got married, the Lynam clan took one last family hoorah and headed across the pond to explore London and Paris.  It’s safe to say that the first moment I stepped off… View Full Post

You know you’re becoming a wine snob when you and your hubby are making a habit of opening $60 bottles of wine on a Tuesday night to watch the Olympics. Okay the truth is, we… View Full Post

Napa is one of my favorite places to visit.  I never leave feeling like I need a “vacation-from-the-vacation”.  There’s really nothing to do but drink wine that I can’t afford to buy on my own,… View Full Post

If you follow me on Instagram, you either totally hate me for spending the weekend in Napa with my gals or dying to know where I got my yellow tassel earrings. Either way, I don’t… View Full Post