7 Days of Loving Your Person Challenge

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I’m a little bit ashamed to admit that Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  I know that the “emotionally sophisticated and female empowered” response to Valentine’s Day is either to hate it because companies are completely profiting off of manipulating American women into believing that if you don’t receive chocolates, a love letter, and flowers at the office on Valentine’s Day, you must not be loved. (Good thing we already know that’s a big LIE because we are completely loved and adorned by the God of the Universe in a way that no man can compete with.)

But then there are the people who say you shouldn’t have to devote just one day to showing someone that you love him/her.  Okay I’ll admit it- this one’s a little harder for me to argue with…

So let’s meet in the middle.  This year, I’m committing to still celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional sense.  But instead of just limiting it to one day of celebrating the man I love, I’m celebrating VALENTINE’S WEEK!  Wouldn’t it be amazing to devote an entire 7 days to showing “your person” (Thanks, Grey’s.) how much you love and cherish him?   And for all of my single friends- wouldn’t it be awesome to pick a friend who could use some encouragement this time of year and show her how much she is loved?!  This challenge is open to everyone!

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7 Days of Loving “Your Person” Challenge

Day 1 (February 8th): A Simple Prayer.

This is the first official day of the challenge, but your person isn’t going to even realize it! I want you to set an alarm on your phone for 2:14 P.M. (I thought it was punny but you can do anytime that works for you!) to remind yourself to hit the pause button and pray for your person.

Day 2 (February 9th): An Encouraging Text or Email.

This is going to be completely FREE.  Send an encouraging text or email sometime during the day to praise a quality in your person that you love and respect.  For example, Parker has been working CRAZY hours lately.  I may send him a short email just saying how grateful I am to have a husband who works hard to provide for our family and how much I respect him for leading our family.  For more inspiration, read my last post about marriage.

Day 3 (February 10th): Writing on the Wall.

This is also going to be completely FREE.  At some point in the day, sneak into his/her bathroom and write a funny Valentine limerick on the bathroom mirror.  Here are some ideas (And no, I didn’t come up with these…)

  1. “There’s nobody I’d rather lie in bed and look at my phone next to.” (This would make Parker laugh AND cry.  Laugh because it’s true.  And cry because he wishes it wasn’t haha.)
  2. “Are you a parking ticket?  Cuz’ you’ve got FINE written all over you!”
  3. Once in a while, someone comes around and makes Valentine’s not completely suck.  You’re welcome.” (Again, totally something I would say haha.)

Day 4 (February 11th): A “Sweet” Surprise.

Leave something “sweet” in their car to find when they leave for work.  This could  definitely be interpreted many ways 😉 You do you, boo!

Day 5 (February 12th): Words of Affirmation.

Again, this is totally free.  Write a sweet note of encouragement to your person.  This could be as a text or email highlighting a specific scripture that you are praying for your person today or a beautifully written hand-letter that he/she can keep forever!

Day 6 (February 13th): Act of Service.

Think of something that would totally show your person that you took the time to either make their day run a little more smoothly OR just add a little pep to his step. If you are trying to keep this challenge budget friendly, do something that doesn’t cost any money.  J.Lo already proved that love don’t cost a thing.

Free ideas: get up early to make breakfast before work, offering to run an errand for him, making his favorite home-cooked meal, etc.

Not-So-Free Ideas: make lunch/dinner reservations at his favorite place, send Tiff’s Treats to the office, make plans for the two of you to do something HE enjoys (going to the driving or shooting range, meandering around Cabella’s, going to a movie that he’s been dying to see, etc.)

Day 7 (February 14th): Dealer’s Choice!

Some people choose to exchange gifts while others choose to keep it simple with a thoughtful card.  However you and your person have decided to celebrate your relationship is perfect!

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Comment below and let me know who is joining me! I would love to hear all of the creative ideas you are planning for this challenge! Follow me on Instagram for daily reminders.






  1. Vicki mccormack February 7, 2017 / 20:59

    Love your ideas and your heart! And happy birthday to the best daughter-in-law!!!❤❤

  2. Caitlin February 10, 2017 / 01:46

    This is really sweet! And I love that photo of the two of you, haha!

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